Practice makes perfect, and this man was just starting to practice when it counted the most.

Rancho Cordova resident Eric Iverson was enjoying a weekend out on the lake on Ice House Reservoir, a popular boating and camping area between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, when he saw this Chevrolet Tahoe attempt to reverse his boat trailer into a specific part of the lake for the first time. Seizing the moment, knowing that he was witnessing an epic fail in the making, Eric started filming.

Check out this Chevrolet Tahoe try and try again, multiple times, to reverse his boat trailer.

Here’s what the boat ramp on this reservoir boat ramp looks like, With plenty of space on both to maneuver, it looks trailer friendly, although it is pretty steep.

In the video we can see this SUV has an empty trailer, trying his darndest to maneuver to a specific spot at the bottom of the ramp. The driver’s got the whole “backing up in a straight line” part down pat but, when the driver inputs a bit of steering and sees the trailer turn in the direction he doesn’t want it to go, he over-corrects way too much in the opposite direction.

According to commenters in the know,

He should’ve pulled up and straighten the trailer. Small turns and hold. Never fight the trailer, you will lose every time.

Locals walking by, seeing this is his first time, do their best to give this trailer newbie wide berth.

Other commenters suggested that they do him a solid, offer to reverse the trailer for him to save him some dignity, but unfortunately, no one did.

Admittedly, I’ve never reversed a trailer in my life but before I head out to the lake, I sure as heck am making sure I know how to reverse.

Presumably he got his boat out of the water and made that quick drive of shame off the ramp.

Hopefully, this guy’s embarrassing plight caught on camera serves as a cautionary tale of sorts, if you want to learn how to reverse a trailer real quick through a baptism of fire, you can wait until the very last moment like this guy.

Or, you can practice the day before in an empty parking lot.


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