Although it looks like, she has a few screws loose, there’s a perfectly good reason she’s doing this.

A somewhat confusing video from Newport, Tennessee involving a Toyota Avalon, a gas can, and a matter of a few feet popped up on Facebook earlier last week (June 24, 2020.) A man is filming a Toyota Avalon driver filling up her gas can. Cool, nothing wrong with that. The only problem is she lifts the can, carries it to the other side of her car, and pours it into her Avalon’s gas tank.

Yah, it’s super confusing. Check out the video courtesy of Arc Empire for yourself below.

If you didn’t already know, modern gas pumps have hoses that stretch several feet to accommodate larger vehicles and the wayward sedan that pulls into the wrong side of the pump.

This is useful when the pumps are busy, space is tight, and it’s safer to pull into a gas pump space rather than re-maneuver.

Here’s the Weigel’s on Google Maps.

A popular theory that turned out to be 100 percent true is that this lady coasted into this Weigel’s gas station on fumes, with just enough momentum to make it to the nearest pump.

Since this video went viral, it slowly made its way to the brother-in-law of the actual lady in the video.

According to Merry Matherne in the comments,

She did run out of gas that’s my sister-in-law lol. I’m serious. She’s read all your comments and is laughing.

And fair enough, upon closer examination of the video, she’s parked just far enough from the pumps that, even if she stretched out that pump hose, she probably couldn’t reach the other side.

To be honest, I was one of the 4,500 laughing emojis, quick to judge. It’s a weird world and some people might have their crazy reasons to fill up a gas can only to carry it to the other side. Maybe they fear static electricity.

But, in this case, she really needed to lug it that extra few feet.


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