The High surf advisory called for minor coastal flooding but this shocking TikTok video shows it was anything but minor.

Imagine closing on a $5.5 Million dollar house in Newport Beach, Calif, right on the Balboa Beach Peninsula, and then waking up in the afternoon to find water flooding your house, creeping up to your ankles. That’s the reality dozens of homeowners on the Balboa Peninsula are facing as an unusually powerful King Tide brought tame ocean waters to their door fronts.

And according to footage shared from TikTok user @LatheringShowerBar, Newport beach residents and tourists quickly ran from the coastline as water literally started rising around them.

Check out the shocking bit of footage making the rounds below.


2020 is relentless. balboa beach, ca is literally sinking as we speak ##fyp

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Balboa and New Port😬##newport ##fyp ##balboa

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It was like something you see in movies.😳 ##hightidewaves ##balboabeach ##newportbeach ##huntingtonbeach ##fy##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##beach ##california

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In the video we can see, what would’ve been an afternoon at the beach, a literal hellscape unfolding upon these avocado toast-eating, latte-sipping Californians (and tourists.)

Cars not meant for extreme flooding, like that Tesla Model 3 in the background, did their best, inching through the water and traffic.

Californians who were looking forward to some easy pedaling on the beach did an about face, turned their bikes around, and pedaled back home, socks soaking wet.

The concern about the rising water went from minor inconvenience to, “my car might be totaled” as @LatherShowerBar swung her door open, showing us how close the water was coming to ruining her stepdad’s Acura.

In an update posted shortly after, @LatheringShowerBar recounts her terrifying ordeal and gives her .02 of what’s going on.


Reply to @julissarojano hopefully this kinda helps everyone wondering

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“The ocean was actually overflowing. The waves were LIKE crashing up into the houses and the water was just LIKE rising into the peninsula.”

The whole streets were flooded. The full moon tonight is basically making a King tide, and the tide is causing the water to flood into the streets. Hopefully it’ll be gone by Monday.”

It’s a real touch and go situation in Newport Beach and we’re all pulling for this Orange County community to make it through. /s


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