Did he start his MK4 Toyota Supra in first?

A 1993 Toyota Supra owner has some explaining to do to his insurance after a witness captured the embarrassing moment his Toyota Supra launched and landed on a Honda Accord parked in front of him at a Torrance, California Target parking lot.

Initially shared on Instagram stories, the photos made its social media rounds, many fans of the last true Supra equal parts upset and disappointed after a careless mistake.

Check out the photos below.

Those in the know ID’d this Toyota Supra as a non-Turbo GE. A quick look on this Supra’s smog history shows that probably this car’s been registered and driven in California since brand new, showing extensive smog records going back all the way to 1998.

Here’s the location of the parking lot crash on Google Maps.

While this might be an automatic, I’m assuming it’s manual. With the car in first, the starter’s rotational energy goes all the way from the starter motor, through the flywheel, kicks off the engine’s internal combustion process, and, when the engine finally kicks in, sent this Supra flying over that parking lot divider.

Either that or he mistook reverse for drive and punched it.

Supras are tough cars and I fully expect that MK4 to be back on the road in no time. As for that Accord, your guess is as good as mine. Depending on how fast the Supra hit the front, there might be enough frame damage cementing its fate to the salvage yard.

Accidents, they happen. As far as I know there were no reported injuries, so we have that to be thankful for.

Let this be a cautionary tale to Supra owners and manual elitists, make sure you’re not in gear before turning that ignition over.


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