This owner will wait have to wait a bit before he can drive his C8 again.

A 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette owner is without his budget supercar after allegedly blowing his Tremec Dual-Clutch automatic after only 800 miles. Redditor /u/CarGuy38 spotted this midship American machine perched on a four-post lift at his friend’s Chevrolet dealership and asked why they had to swap the transmission out.

Check out his post below.

Saw another c8 in the shop, this ones transmission blew after 800 miles from r/Justrolledintotheshop

We have no further information than what the titles reads. Keen eyes will notice a transmission unit sitting on the floor, cradled in a custom wood carrying case. I’m not sure if that’s the new or old one but the transmission case doesn’t have a speck of dirt on it so I’m going for the former.

800 miles means this C8’s past the mandatory 500-mile break-in period where the ECU limits RPMs and overall torque output.

Less than 36,000 miles means this transmission unit’s coming out of GM’s pocket. This GM tech will probably swap it out and send the damaged unit back to Tremec for a full teardown.

This is not the first C8 transmission swap the internet’s come across. Earlier this year we reported on a C8 with a serious enough fluid leak that also required a swap. With only 32 miles on that one, GM wasn’t about to do transmission work and re-install it.

Maybe that’s the case here.

Another Reddit thread posted two months ago had a C8 Corvette with only 243 miles in the shop with slow shifting issues. Not as serious as a fluid leak or this alleged blown transmission but, for prospective C8 owners, it’s worrying nonetheless.

It’s the first year for this C8 so I’m cutting this car a little slack. But, as owners continue to put miles onto their MR machines and if reports of premature failures continue to crop up, perhaps GM needs to reevaluate its transmission strategy.

GM’s on the cusp of dropping its supercar slaying C8 Z06, a Corvette with significantly more power but using the same Tremec transmission.


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