What better way to treat your Momma than a $217,325 four-door ultra-luxe saloon.

CEO, Fitness mogul, and all around boss-lady Keyshia Ka’oir Davis really knows how to treat her momma. According to an Instagram post shared earlier today (July 7,2020) Keyshia, her Mom, and friends and family stepped off a private yacht with a 2020 Bentley Flying Spur blocking their path. With a white bow on the hood, cameras out, and Keyshia shouting, “Happy Birthday! You got your brand new Bentley, B****” Joy, Keyshia’s mom, got the birthday surprise of a lifetime.

Check out her Instagram video below.

According to Keyshia, this is a bespoke Flying Spur. Keyshia points out the intricate, hand-stitched leather door cards and the custom sill plate with her Mom’s name, just to remind anyone who drives it who it really belongs to.

The Best Cars for Moms in 2022
The Best Cars for Moms in 2022

This Flying Spur is 100 percent paid for, as it should be. All that Momma Joy has to do is put some gas in it and drop it off for maintenance every once in a while.

Keyshia planned this out to the T. Since luxury cars like this don’t just roll off the factory floor all willy-nilly, Keyshia placed her order over a year ago. More impressive given the state car manufacturing nowadays.

The Bentley is hand built by an elite team of craftsmen and engine builders at their home factory in Crewe, England. Bentley been making luxury cars from Crewe since 1946.

Hopefully, Momma Joy’s not a lead foot because this four-door luxo barge will get her moving with the lightest tap of her foot on the go pedal. This Flying Spur packs a 6.0L W12 twin-turbo punch to the tune of 626 HP and 664 lb-ft, enough to propel this 5,372 pound sedan to an impressive 207 MPH.

But let’s be real, Momma Joy will appreciate the lap of luxury this Bentley provides. She very well might show up to where she needs to be more refreshed and relaxed than when she left, it’s really that good.

There aren’t enough words and no amount of money that can return a Mom’s love and sacrifice for her kids so it’s only fair that we treat them as best we can, when we can. For Keyshia, a Flying Spur is just the tip of the iceberg.

Treat your Mommas, right ya’ll.

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