Of course you’re going to piss off your neighbors if you rev the s*** out of your car in the middle of the night.

Infiniti G37 owner @Coastin_V36 shared the hilarious moment his July 4th revving riled up his Sun Valley neighbors bad enough they came charging out of their house to yell at him.

Check out the silly little video below.

A quick look through this dude’s Instagram account and revving and shooting flames from his Infiniti G37 is his thing. With the right tune that safely favors running a little rich and a free flowing exhaust setup, probably without cats, shooting flames is not uncommon with these VQs.

In the video we can see him with his hood popped, camera off to the side ready to capture some sick flames. It’s 4th of July so people all around SoCal are already used to loud noises and explosions around that time.

Fireworks are one thing but purposely revving your engine for maximum exhaust noise and flames really struck a negative chord with this Sun Valley resident.

We see him charge out and yell at our protagonist.

“Are you kidding me right now. Are you F*****g dog in there with a f*****g heart attack. What the f***s the matter with you doing that?

No man, you don’t f*****g do that. You have the decency to ??? some other people’s car!”

That’s f*****g ridiculous, Rico (I guess they’re on a first name basis lol!) Come on!Are you f*****g kidding me, my dog’s about to have a heart attack. That’s so f*****g unnecessary.

At this point the wife comes out and exchanges words with our stunned revver. It’s hard to make out what she says, but it’s much of the same.

She tells Rico to “Cut it out!”

I’m all for modifying your car how you like it. If that means making that VQ V6 as loud as possible where you’re also shooting flames, more power to you.

But, be reasonable and responsible where you rev. In the parking lot at a meet? Sure. But in a neighborhood with dogs that are already scared out of their little minds from a night of fireworks? Not the move.

And you know what, I’m just going to say it. Being a ricer is an attitude and revving your V6 like this for internet clout is why the larger car community makes fun of anything with a VQ.

You shoot flames and sound like a farting elephant? Cool, man. Just…don’t annoy your neighbors needlessly.


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