Do you know this pair? They were caught on camera swearing and spitting on this teenager’s Ford Mustang.

Update 7/13/2020- The couple’s been reported to local police, and she is charging them with harassment. (link to update video here.)

18-year-old TikTok user @ssaymaaaa shared an intense, rage-filled video showing a couple in El Paso, Texas confronting, yelling and, spitting on her car after she allegedly pulled an illegal turn. After the presumed husband says his piece, the wife puts in her .02 and ends the confrontation with a large loogie to her driver’s side window.

Check out the intense video for yourself below.


Racists man.. How 2 white old people try to fight with a hispanic 18 y/o, be careful out there enserio ##fyp ##foryou

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It’s not clear where exactly this confrontation went down but it looks like a residential area. @ssaymaaaa mentions in an Instagram story embedded below that this is near her home.

We don’t know what happens before this but, based on this man’s ramblings, she’s driven her Ford Mustang (peep the steering wheel) in a way that upset this Great Value Antonio Banderas. He says,

Next time you take that turn like that you little B****, I’m going to get out there and f*** up your car you c***. Your only way, b**** you know who I am? I just told you who I am.

Ask the cops you little b****. Take a turn like that again, I live down the f****** street, you’ll see what happens to you.

Alright, Thank You, you little f****** c***.”

At this point the wife shows up and tells her

You do that again you little b***** and you’ll end up in jail where you belong.

She then spits all over her window after a quick jab to the glass with an open palm.

Here are two screenshots from this TikTok user’s Instagram stories about what happened.

Even though we might get upset about how people drive, especially in our neighborhoods, direct confrontation like this is not the move.

In the heat of the moment, you’re likely to say something nasty you wish you didn’t say.

It is especially uncalled for to use profanity and threaten damage to someone’s vehicle in the near future.

@ssaymaaaa says this was a racially charged attack but honestly, it just looks like two crazies who flew off the handle, justifying their actions because they have kids.

The right approach for this couple was, if they were really that uncomfortable with her driving, to take down her plates and report her to El Paso police.

Let them handle it. It’s their job.


  1. Stop seeing everything through the lens of race. They were two s***** people and you–I don’t know what you did. Sick and tired of you bashing whites.

  2. This isn’t a race thing. This is a ‘stupid little b****; learn how to drive’ thing. I feel like that couple all the time. Drivers in EP are some of the worst, unaware, self-absorbed, rude drivers I’ve seen. That girl probably doesn’t even know anything about that car she’s driving.


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