This woman is travelling most likely from a border county with FAR more COVID cases into North Idaho, which has a fairly small number.

The Karen’s keep coming out of the woodworks and in this case, from a county in Washington. According to a screenshot of a private Facebook post from a Washington resident earlier yesterday (July 12,2020) this Washington resident is proud that she’s using a loophole to Washington’s face mask mandate by driving a little further into Northern Idaho, which does not have a face mask mandate.

Check out her Facebook post with her smiling below with what some on Reddit called, “a punchable face.”

Here’s what one of the several Washington/Idaho borders looks like on Google Maps. Anyone dumb enough not willing to listen to common sense can hop onto Interstate 90 and buy groceries, face-mask free, in Idaho.

Washington has a Department of Health Statewide order directing all Washington residents to wear a face covering in any indoor public setting and that means grocery stores.

Idaho is like 32 other US States with facemasks as a recommendation and not a requirement. States that do not have a face mask requirement typically have a smaller population with people naturally spread out. Idaho has 1.7 million residents compared to Washington with 7.6 million.

And it’s not like Idaho, with fewer people, is immune to Covid, far from it. According to the latest numbers from John Hopkins, Idaho is experiencing one heck of a growth trend.

According to a recent study by the Hong Kong microbiologist who helped discover the SARS Virus back in 2003, facemasks reduce the spread of airborne infections disease by 75 percent.

Facemasks are literally one of the biggest public, preventative measures we can take.

Yet, Americans love their freedom and will go to extraordinary lengths not to wear them.

Don’t be like this lady. Wear a mask.


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