#88 Doug Barnes Jr. was apparently upset #8 Tyler Hughes caused him to wreck out of the race.

NASCAR Late Model Series driver Doug Barnes Jr. was caught on camera leaping off a safety barrier onto the windshield of driver #8 Tyler Hughes’s car after both wrecked in the first of two races at Dominion Raceway in Woodford, VA that night (July 11, 2020.) @WindshieldDeep, who shared the video on Twitter, described his leap as a quasi-wrestling move more akin to a “Power Driver.”

Check out the NASCAR race turned wrestling match below.

Both drivers compete in the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly series, a regional short track racing series sanctioned by NASCAR to develop regional champions.

According to the results page, both Doug Barnes Jr. and Tyler Hughes wrecked out of the race on lap 54 of a 61 lap race.

It’s not clear who caused the wreck or what exactly happened.

Comparing the lap times between the two, both where within striking distance of each other throughout the race with Tyler Hughes gaining the upper hand on Barnes in the later laps. On the lap before the wreck, lap 53, Tyler Hughes was faster around the .4 mile oval by .66 seconds.

In the video we can see the race brought to a standstill as Dominion Raceway’s tow crew sorted out the damage, ready to tow both cars off the track.

We see Doug Barnes Jr climb the safety barrier wall and leap several feet into the air before crashing, feet first, into Tyler Hughes windshield. That was uncalled for and is unsportsmanlike conduct that will presumably cost Doug Barnes Jr with some penalty next race.

Someone requested this screen grab on a T-shirt.

Unbeknownst to Doug and everyone else Tyler suffered a concussion during the collision.

Hughes took to Twitter to tell fans he’s A OK.

Considering his injury, that just makes Doug’s actions that much more petty.

If Doug Barnes’s NASCAR career doesn’t work out, he might have a feature in Pro-AM wrestling.



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