Good thing there wasn’t one in the chamber.

It’s not that uncommon for sideshow spectators to get hit by cars, but a gun flying out? This is a first. According to @TXHoons, a sideshow spectator got smacked by a Dodge Challenger doing donuts in a strip mall parking lot in Dallas, Texas earlier Sunday night (July 12, 2020.) It wasn’t the car meet spectator getting smacked that was surprising, it was what flew out of the dude’s shorts, a loaded glock.

Check out the amazing bit of video below.

Here’s where this sideshow went down on Google Maps. This mostly Hispanic strip mall off Webb Chapel Road, with plenty of open space, seems to be a popular spot for a Sunday night sideshow.

In the video we can see a Dodge Challenger in the center of the burnout circle. He’s got a good drift going on, taking up the full width of the impromptu drift pad. Most everyone else is safely stading far away of the drifting cars. It’s just common sense.

Then we have these two geniuses. One of them barely gets out of the way but the other dude in khaki shorts gets some tunnel vision, freezes up, and tries to get out of the way of the drifting Challenger far too late.


The Dodge Challenger hits his knees mid-jump, sending him rotating a full 180 degrees. The man’s gun comes flying out and lands in the middle of the street.

If that gun were loaded there’s a small chance it would’ve gone off in some random direction. With people within range, it could’ve turned ugly.

Texas, being a gun-friendly state, it’s common for license-to-carry gun owners to walk around strapped. But responsible conceal carry gun owners have good holsters to prevent guns from falling out. More than likely this gun owner wasn’t carrying his gun correctly at all.

If you’re going to come strapped to an illegal sideshow, make sure your piece is secured is all I’m saying.



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