This is what happens when another driver counter-road rages against a Toyota Prius with superior road raging skills.

San Diego resident Katie Rene, who goes by @KT.S3 on TikTok, caught the unbelievable road rage saga earlier yesterday (July 23, 2020) between a Toyota Prius and Toyota Highlander SUV on Carmel Mountain Road in San Diego, California. Both cars not only cut each other off but contacted each other. It’s honestly one of the ragiest (ya, I said ragiest) road rage incidents involving a Toyota Prius I’ve ever come across.

Check out her dash cam footage via Tik Tok below.


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Also, here’s where the incident happened on Google Maps.

Carmel Mountain Road is in the greater San Diego next to Rancho Pensaquitos, an affluent suburban neighborhood with million dollars houses. That means lots of tax money, wide lanes, and smooth roads, and ideal locale to breed Toyota Prius road ragers.

The video starts off with a classic Toyota Prius flyby and cutoff at freeway speeds on regular city roads. Nothing worthy of posting on Tik Tok.

Further down the road, the Prius cuts off a Toyota Highlander which turns out to be a colossal wrong move. You can only cut off so many people until you cross someone who wants to tango, and this Highlander driver had their dancing shoes on.

The Toyota Highlander immediately swings into the left lane and cuts off the Prius, re-establishing his dominance. While changing back into the right lane, he clips the front of the Toyota Prius, raising the Prius driver’s rage level up to 11.

The Prius driver attempt to cut the Highlander again, using the bike lane, but the Highlander gives the Prius no room.

The Prius eventually overtakes using the bike lane, again, a move the driver’s probably used many times before.

Although it’s hard to keep a cool head in the moment’s heat, it’s never a good idea to one-up a road raging Toyota Prius. This is what they do, pi** driver’s off in their holier-than-thou eco mobiles.

Now, the Highlander driver has to deal with a bit of body panel damage and that Prius driver, even though he (or she) met their match, will probably never learn.

Stay cool, calm, and collected on the roads my friends.


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