If this driver’s car was any wider, guardrail contact was inevitable.

Shocking dash cam footage emerged earlier yesterday (July 27, 2020) showing Supreme Towing Service, a tow company based out of Louisville, Kentucky, changing lanes without signaling, forcing this driver off the road into the rumble strips.

Check out the tow truck driver’s brazen actions for yourself below.

Supreme Towing Service in Louisville KY was driving down I-264 on July 27, 2020 and merged right into my lane and forced me into the median. They were obviously paying zero attention to the road.

The driver, ID’d as Joseph Lucas on his YouTube account, is driving along on I-364’s leftmost lane on I-264 just before the Newburg Road Exit.

As Lucas’s lane merges with another lane, Supreme Tow Service’s tow truck, two lanes over, is suddenly next to Lucas’s car.

The tow truck never signals. If it counts for anything, the tow truck driver’s yellow hazard light bar lights are flashing.

Lucas is probably in this tow truck driver’s blind spot.

Proper lane changes requires a quick glance into your rear-view mirror, your turn mirror, and a quick look over your shoulder to avoid blind spot oversights.

The tow truck driver drifts and change lanes right in front of Lucas’s car, forcing Lucas into the rumble strips next to him. Lucas lays on his horn multiple times to get the driver’s attention.

It’s not clear if there was traffic behind Joseph as slowing down would’ve allowed a gap to open up for the tow truck driver to squeeze in.

A quick look on Maps of this location reveals just how narrow the breakdown lane is, not very wide at all.

With a car hitched to Supreme Towing Service’s tow truck, any sudden jerk of his steering wheel to correct might’ve spelled disaster for Lucas and the tow truck driver. That’s why, in my opinion, this tow truck driver continued to change lanes despite his error.

Lucas mentions in the comments he’s submitted this video to the tow company for review.

This video’s gained some traction online considering a handful of bad reviews on Yelp, already.

Paying 100 percent attention on the road is the bare minimum. If that tow truck driver can’t even do that and your job is emergency services, he needs to do a serious think if this job’s even right for him.


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