Explosions coming from the engine did not deter this St. Louis man from going back into the burning flames one more time.

To the city of St. Louis, this man is a bonafide hero, and to the unconscious driver’s mom, he’s a guardian angel. Smartphone footage from earlier yesterday (July 28, 2020) captured the unbelievable moment good Samaritan Antonio Morgan rushed into a burning Pontiac G6 on fire on the side of I-70 at least three times before he pulled out an unconscious man mere moments before the entire car was engulfed in flames. If Morgan hesitated for another second, the fate of that driver would be another story entirely.

Check out the amazing bit of footage captured by Morgan’s 14-year-old son below.

The victim, later ID’d as 23-year-old Keilen Robinson, does not even remember what happened. In a short interview with KMOV4, Robinson mentions that ,

“I don’t know what happened. I was just driving. I just woke up. I don’t even remember climbing out of the car.”

According to Morgan, Robinson’s car hit a barrier on I-70.

“You hit that wall,” Morgan told Robsinon. “When I rode passed, I saw you in there slumped. I pulled over and told my son we have to get him.”

In the handful of articles reporting on this amazing story, no one gives a reason Robinson passed out before he crashed.

The collision did start a chain reaction resulting in a dangerous cocktail of leaking fluids, dangerously flammable vapors, and enough heat to start a fire.

The first two times Morgan rushes into the car, pulling and tugging at Robinson, he doesn’t realize he’s still strapped into his seatbelt. With smoke and flames coming at the pair from all sides, it’s hard to make out anything in the moment’s heat.

On Morgan’s Facebook page, Robinson’s mom shares a photo of Jerry Smith, the other good Samartin who rushed in with his fire extinguisher, buying precious seconds for Robinson.

According to Morgan,

“That last pull I was out of energy. I was rushing. My adrenaline was rushing, man.”

KMOV4 caught up with all parties earlier yesterday, both Robinson and Morgan now life-long friends bonded by this amazing experience of brotherhood when it counts.


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