They heard noises coming from the top of their SUV so they pulled over and that’s when these two migrants crawled out.

An English family is without their belongings and had the shock of their life earlier this week (July 27, 2020) after, upon inspecting noises coming from the roof rack of their BMW SUV, they found two African migrants hiding inside. Just 16 years-old, from Eritrea and Guinea, both migrants hoped, by hiding in a vehicle with UK plates, they could sneak into the United Kingdom. Unbeknownst to the two, this family wasn’t going back into the UK, but was just beginning their holiday by driving further into France.

Check out the shocking video making the rounds courtesy of Reddit below.

Family arrives back in the UK from holiday and discovers two Africans in their roof rack. All their belongings were flung away by them to fit in. from r/PublicFreakout

In the video, the family is pulled over off the A29 at a rest stop in the city of Haudricourt, France, a good 100 miles from the port of Calais.

As mentioned, the family had arrived in France through the EuroTunnel the night before, staying in Calias at a local hotel before starting on their day-long drive further into Europe.

This is where police and the family think this pair of migrants hopped into their roof rack, throwing away all their belongings so they could fit inside.

Can you imagine how desperate you have to be, submitting yourself into a tiny space barely big enough for one person, for hours with no sign when you’d get out. With no bathroom, you had to use the bathroom on yourself if you needed to go.

After pulling into a rest area to inspect the noise, the migrants knew they’d been had. With nowhere to go, they crawl out and escape.

The family is visibly shocked, to say the least.

Police do catch up to them, are handed a slap on the wrist, and, since French Social Services wanted nothing to do with them, they are let go scot free.

The English family has no recourse for their belongings, is out a handful of valuables, and, is off to a rotten start to their vacation.

Lock your roof rack boxes, people.

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