With the driver’s foot on the floor, if it wasn’t for these brave Wichitans, the situation could’ve got way out of hand.

Eyewitness footage shared by the Rene Steven Brand shows the heart pounding moment close to a dozen Wichita residents banded together to stop an out-of-control Cadillac Escalade temporarily wedged in front of a bus in front of a Spangles restaurant on Rock Rd. earlier yesterday (July 29, 2020.)

Check out the video for yourself below.

According to Rene, the Escalade driver suffered from a seizure that knocked him out. The only thing stopping this Escalade from further mayhem was a parked Wichita transit bus. With nowhere to go and the engine still racing, the rear tires “broke loose” hence the burnout and smoke.

This happened at Harry and Rock Road over lunch hour. We just heard a loud sound outside. It appeared the SUV ran into the bus and the gas pedal was obviously stuck.

From all corners, several Wichita residents raced to the smokey scene, assessing the situation and trying their best to break into the Escalade.

Spangles and China Go employees rush to the scene, fire extinguisher in hand to break open the window so someone could access the driver’s pedals.

With 420 HP and 460 lb-ft from the Escalade’s 6.2L V8, at one point the Escalade pushes the bus several yards before coming to a halt. I assume the bus driver slammed his brakes even harder, preventing his bus from moving any further.

According to KTEN news, who caught up with the main rescuer, David, responsible for breaking into the Escalade,

After trying to break the passenger window with his elbow, then ripping off the door handle trying so hard to get it open, David realized it was time to think outside the box. He ran back to his car to grab a survival shovel, which was a Christmas gift from his grandma that was tucked away and forgotten about until now.

Finally, after several minutes, he got in and is able to shut the car off.

This video was also shared by Wichitawesome, the top comments echoing my sentiments.

Krista Leigh says, “What I love most about this is seeing my fellow Wichitans trying to help each other. Prayers that everyone involved stays safe and healthy!”

Daniel Baker put in his .02, “The bus being in front of that car saved lives. And the drivers. A lot of great heros and lucky events.”

And the comedic relief from Captain sarcastic commented, “

“Thank goodness for the camera lady orchestrating such a timely and effective response.I’m sure her generous accolades at the end were appreciated by all.”

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