Just a week earlier, another Florida resident recalls seeing this same man verbally abusing an elderly black man in traffic.

According to Florida resident and Twitter user Mishou Charelus and a video she uploaded to Twitter earlier yesterday (Aug. 14,2020) a Caucasian man and alleged Grub Hub driver took it upon himself to unload a racist tirade on Charelus shortly after exiting the freeway, heading into Naples. Social media and Grub Hub are working together to find out who this man is, to report his racist crime, and to bring some justice to Charelus.

Check out her video below. Warning, he uses disturbing language.

It’s not apparent what triggers the man, later identified as Adam on Twitter, but typical of most racists, someone else that doesn’t look like them is reason enough.

“Tell me how much your life matters? F*** Y***, N*****, that’s how much your life matters. Nothing.”

News The Headliner reports that another Florida resident who goes by Yaya Gary, says her brother saw this same exact man berating and verbally abusing an elderly black man out of the blue.

“Does anyone recognize this man or the vehicle? My brother just witnessed him repeatedly yelling F U Ni**** to an elderly black man, forcing the elderly man to roll his window up to not have to hear the hate coming out of this mans mouth! This needs to stop! I want to know who this is Naples!”

A comment reply to Charelus alleges his name is Adam and he drives around for Grub Hub.

Another Naples resident corroborated Charelus’s claim, recalling seeing Adam picking up orders at his restaurant.

Grub Hub, called out for the racist behavior of one of their alleged delivery drivers, responded, promising to “further assist in the matter.”

To further help catch this man, other Twitter users pointed out distinctive features of this car, to look out for a champagne-colored car with duct tape around his windows.

Charelus admits she did not catch his license plate.

This type of mindset and behaviour does not belong in the United States and when he’s caught, rest assured, they will press charges.

If this Adam is a Grub Hub driver, it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught. Grub Hub can go through their system, filtering out anyone that doesn’t match his description.

Bookmark this page as I’ll keep you updated on developments, mainly when he’s caught and prosecuted.



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