Spiegel is most known on social media for firm’s fund with a sizeable portion betting on Tesla’s demise.

If you’re looking for an overpriced Porsche Boxster S in the New York area and came across this ad on Craigslist, bad luck mate, it’s fake. Some troll is poking fun at infamous Tesla short seller Mark Spiegel by advertising his Porsche Boxster S for sale, citing the owner couldn’t make payments and, as a result, his German convertible has been repo’d.

Here’s the link to the ad and check out a screenshot of the cheeky advert below.

Is Mark Spiegel’s Boxster for sale? No, of course not!

Mark Spiegel’s tweeted out this above photo back in Aug 2018, showing off his Porsche blocking a Tesla Supercharger. If it wasn’t obvious enough who owns this Boxster, his plates spell TESLAQ, a nod to $TSLAQ, the Q meaning the company’s bankrupt.

A quick look on Google and two years ago, Tesla’s stock hovered around $305 per share. At over $1,600 a share today, it’s a different story, an upward trend with no signs of slowing.

That point was further brought home when Spiegel announced in January he’s halved his stake in Tesla stocks comprising his fund.

“I cut the Tesla equity short position down to approximately 10% of the fund (it had most recently been 20% and was often higher in the past) and—barring unexpected positive developments for the company— will maintain it at around 10% going forward. 

The price of the Boxster, $69,420, is a nod to Elon Musk selling short-shorts for $69.420 back in July.

Coincidentally enough, those shorts are all sold out.

And, according to Car Guru’s, $70,000 for a used Boxster S is way overpriced.

Just in case you think this ad is serious, this is me telling you it’s a joke. Mark Spiegel is not really selling his Porsche Boxster S.

But, if shares in Tesla continue on their upward trend, this joke ad approaches reality.


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