While I’m 99 percent sure this was a joke, I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about. If you’ve got something people want to know, might as well charge them for it.

A laughable bit of car drama popped up on my Twitter timeline that made me chuckle so hard I wrote some words about it. Car girl and self-proclaimed stance queen Delta Adams, who goes by @EuroAsianMK7 on Instagram, trolled her followers, adding she’s now accepting “$40 for camber & wheel specs” to her profile.

If you’re running a super-deep set of BBS wheels with tire stretch on air, knowing this VW GTI’s wheel specs can make the difference between perfect fitment and fitment that just doesn’t look right.

The decent thing most car enthusiasts do is, if asked nicely, share what their wheel specs are. That includes wheel size, width, offset, full tire size, and degrees of camber dialed in.

But, there are really some car enthusiasts out there that will not share their wheels specs with you to remain original and to keep that information guarded like some ancient Egyptian secret.

Anyway, here’s the Twitter thread calling @EuroAsianMK7 out. Also,Her IG profile is linked below. Adams’ has since removed that little detail from her profile, but everything lives forever on the internet.

Here are some of the best replies below.

And here is what her VW GTI looks like, it’s one of those “tilty bois.”


What makes me that much more sure this is a joke is she’s shared most of her Wheel Specs on her Slammed Enuff feature, linked in her IG profile and here. If you can’t piece together what’s a workable offset and a good tire size for a decent stretch after half an hour of googling, I don’t know what to say.

In response to @EuroAsianMK7’s little joke, a bunch of other car enthusiasts on Instagram put their own little spin and tagged her. Adams’ shared those on her IG Stories and I’m posting the best ones below.

The first one is Adams’, self-aware that people are taking this too seriously.

There are a couple more if you make the jump to the album linked here.

Want to know my wheel specs on my 1999 Whonda Civak sedan? It’s 15×7 +35. Please send your $40 via PayPal.

Thank You.


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