Subaru Toowong and other surrounding dealerships give out jars of honey when you bring in your car for service thanks to Bee One Third Partnership.

An interesting partnership between two unrelated industries that’s been thriving for years popped up on Reddit earlier yesterday (Aug 19, 2020) between a local Subaru dealership and a flourishing bee hive and honey company.

Since 2016, Subaru Toowing, Newstead (and perhaps a few others) and Bee One Third – Neighborhood Honey formed a mutualistic relationship where BOT places boxes of beehives in strategic places, like otherwise empty dealership rooftops, and, in return, the partnering dealerships presumably receive free shipments of harvested and jarred local honey they give to their customers as a parting gift when they come in for service.

Check out a handful of photos shared all over social media showing off these awfully cute jars of branded Subaru honey below.

Subaru branded honey from my local dealership. harvested from their rooftop from r/mildlyinteresting

As the name suggests, Bee One Third – Neighborhood Honey, proudly brands itself as a local honey producer. If you think about it, the bees were here long before humans arrived on the scene, changing the landscape and their natural habitat.

Placing beehives back where they originally would’ve been, these bees reclaim some of their original “air space” and can produce honey the way their bee ancestors once did.

According to BOT they have over “150 beehives under our stewardship across the East coast of Australia, Bee One Third – Neighbourhood Honey, strives to promote the well-being of all pollinators. Using age old beekeeping techniques, our honey is derived from some of Australia’s most unique locations.”

Click here to make the jump to a map with all of their beehive locations.

By partnering with an established car dealership like Subaru, Bee One Third is able to utilize space that would’ve otherwise stayed empty and, by supplying Subaru with honey, they’re able to organically advertise with a demographic that appreciates this unique partnership.

Mention Subaru and, thanks to their advertising, warm feelings of dogs, the outdoors, giving back, and, motoring for the greater good come to mind, mental touch points that’s inline with a small but growing honey company.

When I think of all the service department dealership experiences I’ve had, the only think I left with was a lighter wallet and an unpleasant aftertaste from coffee sitting out for far too long.

As a fan of honey myself, I know how expensive the good stuff is, especially when you go for the more local brands. What a nice complimentary gift a jar of tasty honey would be.

I absolutely love this kind of partnership and I wish other companies, not just car dealerships, find creative partnerships like this that benefit both the earth and our fellow man.

A tip of the hat to you both, Toowong Subaru and Bee One Third.


  1. Thanks Paulo, for the excellent review and story! It would be great if you could backlink our website int the story, it would help us a lot! We still have a great relationship with a range of Subaru dealerships who are passing our delicious local honey with car services, so it was nice to come across this great article promoting positive action on environmental challenges.


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