What better way to tart up your $350,000 Italian exotic then with a bit of sliced cheese.

You’ve seen “prank” videos of random Youtubers throwing sliced cheese on cars in traffic, but on a Ferrari with a six digit MSRP? You’d be mad!

According to this video of unknown origin (probably an Instagram story) an absolute mad lad had the bright idea to throw cheese slices on the Dobre Brothers 2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast, an Italian exotic that starts around $350,000.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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In the video, some random dude in a high-riding truck or SUV pulls up next to the Dobre brothers, confirms who they are, and slings cheese at their Ferrari 812.

The brothers, rightfully confused, are more annoyed than angry.

After two thrown slices, they exit stage right and drive off, leaving the cheese thrower laughing having successfully cheesed the Dobre Bros.

If you didn’t already know, the Dobre brothers are four American youtubers and social media influencers known antics, pranks, music videos, and, for appealing to 13-year-olds. A.K.A. advertising gold.

Flush with cash, young, and a bunch of dudes, naturally they like fast cars like this Ferrari 812. This particular one was actually a gift from one of the older brothers to the twins (the ones driving and riding shotgun in the video above.)

Here’s a handful of videos from their channel showcasing this 812 Superfast.

Throwing cheese at cars, I guess, is still a thing. While there isn’t an official history of this trend, I believe it’s an offshoot of throwing cheese on cats’ faces and seeing their confused reactions.

Seeing how well planned and “random” this video was, I’m leaning towards this being a staged prank. If some rando started throwing cheese on my pride and joy, I’d probably have a more visceral reaction than what these Dobre brothers showed.

Also, no grown man should voluntarily know who the Dobre brothers are.

Funny? Yes.

Staged? Probably.

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