It’s not like anyone’s surprised

Earlier this summer in the face of a global pandemic, Spoon Sports Japan did us a solid and made an officially licensed face mask for its fans. Priced around $6 in Japan and just $10 everywhere else, this was a chance for Spoon Sports fans to help stop the spread of airborne diseases and, at the same time, enjoy one of the most affordable Spoon Sports accessories ever.

According to Spoon,

While wearing a mask everyday, SPOON made a cloth mask. Please use it in various situations such as daily use, events and watching races. The material is polyester and the inner is made of cold feeling material. This mask can be washed and used repeatedly.

However, with no order limits in place, it looks like one of the only groups benefiting from an affordable Spoon Sports Face mask are resellers. Shortly after Spoon Sports Face masks dropped last week in the middle of the night, all stock sold out within hours.

According to a quick eBay scroll-through, resellers are enjoying a tidy profit, reselling these potentially life-saving cloth masks with an over 400 percent markup.

Check out screenshots of what one already sold for and some auctions already live.

If you really have to have one, go ahead and bid, but, according to Spoon Sports Japan, this isn’t a limited item.

“Please note that this item is not a limited item.The next arrival will be in late October. We will announce the resumption of orders on this product page.”

For United States fans, expect to get your debit card number ready by November, a several months-long wait, but masks are more Spoon Sports Face Masks are on the way.

As mentioned, this behaviour among the JDM parts community is nothing new. At $10 and high demand, no one should be surprised they sold out so quickly.

This just feels different, being personal protective equipment and all.


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