This sign might be a warning shot to increasingly bigger measures Malibu Village might take to curtail the ever growing Sunday morning car show.

Malibu Village car show attendees were greeted with something new when they showed up to the informal Cars and Coffee earlier this weekend (Aug 30, 2020,) a sign telling them all car events are cancelled at their property for the foreseeable future because of Covid-19.

Check out a photo of the shot thanks to Malibu Village Car show attendee Spike Feresten below.

The sign reads, “For your safety and the safety of others. No car show events at Malibu Village until further notice. Please do not gather in groups from different households.”

According to Malibu’s Surfside News, while Malibu itself has only seen less than a hundred confirmed cases and three deaths liked to Covid-19, the popular Sunday morning car show at Cross Creek Road brings car enthusiasts from all over Southern California, not to mention tourists.

Malibu Village might just be doing their due diligence with this sign, keeping in line with the county ordinance.

The current LA County ordinance prohibits gatherings of any size.

Coincidentally enough, Spike Feresten gave the play-by-play of what happened on his most recent podcast.

According to Feresten,

“Malibu Village shut down the lot where Marmalade is except where the entrances where open. They had roped off, a little papery rope with a sign that said you can’t move from place to place. They had one of the entrances blocked, and the other there was a pimply faced security guard.

As I pulled in the security kid said, “You know, you can’t have cars here, it’s just for customers. The coffee places aren’t open.” They sent this kid into a lion’s den of insanity. As I pulled in, about 40 other cars pulled in at the same time. Everyone’s just looking at the kid like, what?

Determined to sort this out, Feresten discovers that a “rival” morning car show organizer named Fireball might be behind this. Feresten’s friend Matt Farah pulls in, gets into a confrontation with said Fireball, and tells Feresten.

“Fireball tells me that this Cars and Coffee is over. He’s got his own Cars and Coffee and word is he’s jealous about this cars and coffee and he’s using his connections to shut this one down.”

Feresten then says,

“Sure enough, I’m watching this guy in a denim suit, this Fireball guy going, “Yah, it’s over, just turn around, this one’s over.”

A quick search on Facebook reveals there is a Fireball, a Fireball Tim to be exact, he has his own show, and it’s going down next weekend, too.

Malibu Car show attendee and car artist Wallace Wyss shot me an e-mail corroborating Feresten’s account of the events, posting his take on

So this guy, not in uniform, no badge, appoints himself to start telling early arrivals the event is cancelled. I ask him on whose behalf he is talking and he pointed to a young parking lot attendant and said he volunteered to help the young lad. I asked “Where’s your proof you represent someone” and he didn’t have it.

So pretty much everyone realized that the self appointed guy had no status and he faded out, but not without mentioning he has his own show coming up nearby in a few weeks. Oh, the Sheriffs arrived, flashing lights twitter on but pretty much everybody settled in and it was at least 75 cars if you counted the ins and outs.

Is there room for two morning car shows?

Right now, it looks like there’s enough space for both.

The informal Cars and Coffee with Spike, Matt, and others is literally just a bunch of friends showing up at the same time who happen to drive rare, unique, and oftentimes pricey cars.

Fireball Tim’s car show attracts that 50s and 60s muscle car era crowd you usually find on a Wednesday at a Fuddruckers family car show night.

The problem is the crowd Feresten’s attracting is drawing in that “supercar spotting” crowd, a younger demo more attached to their phone then under the hood of a car.

This past weekend brought out Tyler The Creator and his Lancia Delta Integrale.

Tyler’s Lancia Delta Integrale from r/tylerthecreator

The informal C&C also brings out uber rare cars like the Cizeta-Mordor. There are only nine of these in the world.

As Feresten hints in his podcast, this show is going through the normal phases of a C&C and if someone doesn’t reign there growth in, the number of people and cars will soon reach a critical mass.

This move to close the show is in stark contrast to the larger and more popular South OC Cars and Coffee, which recently re-opened to crowds. Orange County’s Covid ordinance doesn’t strictly prohibit public gatherings, only “strongly recommends” not having them.

This South OC Cars and Coffee show is fortunate enough to have plenty of space and dedicated persons devoted to keeping order and shutting down any unacceptable behavior (revving, burnouts) that pops up, a level of organization that Feresten’s informal C&C doesn’t have.

Why the show is not officially cancelled, and cars might show up, anyway.

A quick look on Google Maps reveals that Malibu Village shares its property with two other properties, Malibu Country Mart, and Malibu Lumbar Yard. Cross Creek Road separates the three.

My property lines might be off and please correct me if I am, but the property lines are as follows.

  • Malibu Country Mart – Green
  • Malibu Village – Red
  • Malibu Lumbar Yard – Blue

Technically, as long as Malibu Country Mart, “spiritual home” to the Malibu Village Car show, doesn’t strictly prohibit the Sunday Morning Car show, I don’t see why cars can’t continue to gather on that side of Cross Creek Rd.

With the venue losing more than half its parking capacity, if Malibu Village brings out enforcement of some kind, car show attendees will be forced to find parking elsewhere, which is near impossible in the strictly zoned beach city.

Is this spot already burned?

It used to be Cars and Coffee locations had, at least, a year before the event became too big for its own good.

Pre-internet, it took several years for the OG Cars and Coffee at Crystal Cove to find a new home in Irvine.

As Facebook, Instagram, and other social media have become the norm, popular Cars and Coffee hangouts, like this one in front of Malibu Kitchen, are growing too large too quickly. Whereas it took months for a car enthusiast to learn about a new location, now, the list of hot spots is at their fingertips, and, the speed which these spots become burned, is increasing.

You get celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and, Tyler the Creator popping up, and that just adds fuel to the fire.

Next Sunday, cars will show up in front of the Malibu Kitchen, for sure.

The weekend after that, quite possibly.

But, if spaces become too filled too soon and crowds grow large earlier and earlier, Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumbar Yard might join forces with Malibu Village, banning any car gatherings until this thing is over.


  1. So let me describe what could happen. A high roller rolls into the lot of any of those three areas in his Ferrari, Lambo or Rolls. They tell him no parking there because he looks like one of those dreaded “cars and coffee” guys. He is an attorney. A very powerful attorney. He sues. and wins. Millions are paid out. Do the shops adjoining shops and Marmalade want this to happen? You can’t discriminate against people based on what car they drive. If they want to have a shop where no exciting cars appear , sell their shop and buy one next to Leisure Village.

  2. Too bad the information is completely inaccurate here and Spike will confirm as my show is no more. But since none of this was fact checked, I’m no surprised. None of what I said to Matt was accurate, nor is my car show even happening anymore. But that’s the news for you. Spike even had me on the show to confirm the truth. But who cares, right. Just write whatever you want to hurt whomever you want. As long as you get the story out. Nice.

    • Some things will never change…people embelishiing or flat out lying to better themselves. Being a part of the the draw hosting a podcast on location is a big problem. The City of Malibu is trying to comply and help prevent the spread of covid. Those guys would be better off at each entrance as a Matt/Spike strip.

  3. Look there is a simple solution. Move the car show to the massive parking lot at Zuma Beach. Plenty of parking spaces and room, not bumming anyone’s voyage, raise a bit of money for the County, someone should have a food truck there.

    Maybe the In N Out trailer, and everyone would show up.

    Suggest it?

    That Sunday show at Malibu Village was toxic and noxious and smelly and pretentious and kind of obnoxious and that’s part of the reason it got shut down.

    So move it to Zuma Beach


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