This Covidiot had the nerve to pi** off the entire plane.

TikTok user and photographer Taylor Gardner, who goes by @GardnerPhotography1_ on the popular app, uploaded three videos showing the unbelievable moment a woman on her Delta flight from Atlanta back to Houston refused to wear her mask against Delta’s airline policy.

When asked to put one on, a mask she had in her hand, she still refused. Only when threatened with inconveniencing the entire plane in a de-board, re-board process, did she comply.

Check out the unbelievable and rage-inducing videos below.


Refused to wear her mask on the plane. They were gonna make the entire plane get off because of her and then she ended up being kicked off. ##covid

♬ original sound – gardnerphotography1_

She refused to wear her mask on the plane and got kicked off. The whole plane was PISSED. ##covid ##AirheadsDitchChallenge

♬ original sound – gardnerphotography1_

Lady refused to wear a mask on our plane and got kicked off. COVID is real y’all don’t be disrespectful!!! ##covid ##delta ##viral ##fyp

♬ original sound – gardnerphotography1_

It’s widely accepted and backed by research that Covid-19 spreads most easily in enclosed spaces, with people in close proximity. One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of airborne diseases is wearing a cloth mask, a minor inconvenience in the larger scheme of things, and why it’s mandatory as of this writing when you agree to fly.

In the videos we can see one passenger seated, without a mask, arguing with fellow passengers.

At this point in the videos, we can assume flight attendants already informed her to mask up. Everyone else on the flight can be seen with a mask.

Before the pilot makes an executive decision, we hear passengers arguing with her, pleading for her to mask up or get off.

“Why don’t you put the mask on so we can leave? They already told you to put your mask on twice, but you took it off, for what? Like, what is the point? Everybody on this plane got their mask on, what’s the problem? We trying to go home. What’s the problem?

To which she responds,

“The problem is, I have a right to freedom just like everybody else.”

When someone counters with, “They have the right to kick you off the plane.”

She fires back with,

“They have the right but I paid for this ticket, so….”

The pilot then comes on the loudspeaker and informs the plane,

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the minor inconvenience, we’re going to have to de-board the entire aircraft and then re-board. Once again, we do apologize for the inconvenience this morning. We ask that everyone take their belongings, we’re going to have to de-board the entire aircraft.

Fortunately, Gardner’s caption says,

They were going to make the entire plane get off because of her and then she ended up being kicked off. 

In the less than 24 hours the video’s been up, it already has over 1.1 million views and counting.

The comments are worth a read, too.

Brian comments, “Hopefully she has a lot of fines to pay for this.”

Mateo said, “Airlines said they’ll communicate with each other to blacklist people like this.”

It baffles me to no end, coming across cases like this.

There are simple facts that Americans, like this, refuse to believe, that Covid-19 easily spreads in enclosed spaces and masks help to slow that spread.

There’s a time to express your constitutional freedoms, but when your actions encroach on the health and wellbeing of others, your actions are no longer protected.

Masks, just put it on.

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