Supposedly, this J60 Land Cruiser’s already been found, but look how fast they worked.

Street-parking an older vehicle in a big city isn’t always ideal and exposes your pride and joy to carjacking, but, with little to no private parking, it’s a risk many San Francisco residents, like Ben Hopner, have to take.

According to a security cam video Hopner shared on Facebook earlier this week (Sept. 21, 2020) thieves got into his 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser, started it up, and drove it away within 45-seconds.

Check out the disturbing video for yourself below. Mirror here.

Hopner’s light on details but, according to someone on Bay Area Cars where this video was first posted, Hopner’s already recovered this Land Cruiser, condition unknown.

Rad car theft is on the rise, unfortunately. With these older Land Cruisers rising in value, they’re easy targets. A quick look on CarGurus reveals rad-era LCs go for around $20,000 in decent condition.

In this video we can see a Toyota Sienna pull alongside his Land Cruiser at 1:30 AM on a Sunday. With Covid-19 shutting down anything fun past a certain hour, this city is dead. It’s prime carjacking hours.

On top of the Land Cruiser is a rooftop tent. That alone is worth several thousand dollars, something, in hindsight, Hopner should’ve taken off if he was parking for any extended period.

In less than 10 seconds, presumably using a bump key, the car jacker gains access and sidles into the driver’s seat so he can jimmy the ignition.

The driver in the Sienna keeps watch.

The video ends after 40 more seconds, the Land Cruiser assumedly driven off into the night.

If you own a high-dollar car or something you don’t want stolen, a garage is honestly your best security in a big city.

Other than that, having a good insurance policy, some kind of GPS tracking, and several kill switches would be an OK second-best option if you have to park on a street.


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