A Billionaire lying about something? Color me surprised.

A previous version of this article stated this replica was, in fact, not a replica, but the real deal. In the past 24-hours, that’s been disproved. And if you’re reading this from Facebook, please comment the Facebook url/link where you found this in the comments below!

Mark Twain is often credited with the line, “It’s no wonder that the truth is stranger than fiction” and, in this case and the more I blog about circumstances that sound too good to be true, this quote rings truer than ever.

Yesterday I blogged about how Matt Farah’s Dad was at a Skeet Shooting event somewhere in Upperstate New York and struck up a conversation with a bonafide Billionaire who claimed he was driving around Steve McQueen’s Mustang as his weekend car.

Matt fell for it. I fell for it. It’s Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire for G-d’s sake and, if the guy’s a billionaire, he certainly would have the buying power to drop a measly $3.4 Million on a rusty green Mustang.

Here’s the tweet below.

The story sounded too good. Here’s a guy who bought arguably one of the most iconic cars in history and, by the looks of it, took out all the dents and resprayed it, patina and purists be damned. Not only that, he’s driving it on rock-filled roads like a true enthusiast!

It turns out the man’s a lying sack of you know what.

Several keen eyed experts who know enough about the real Mustang pointed out several key facts about this imposter-stang and McQueens, most notably,

  • The actual Bullitt car had chrome center caps.
  • There’s no GT or other emblem just past the lower front fender.
  • The camera mounts on the real one would probably be visible from this angle.
  • Vents behind door are from a ’67

And here’s the Bullitt Mustang as we remember it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Egg on my face

My apologies to the hundreds (I checked the stats) who read my original post before this updated one. I don’t want to call myself a journalist because, in my heart (barf,) I like to think of myself as a blogger, first. But, as commenters have pointed out on my other posts, you can’t write journalistically and ignore basic tenets of journalism, mainly finding out the truth.

So ya, I should’ve listened to my instincts, actually dug around, and found facts like this story from earlier this year where the seller confirmed the new owner “won’t be restoring it.”

So, if you come across a billionaire skeet shooter in the New York area claiming he’s driving around in McQueen’s Mustang, feel free to use the bullitt points above (pun intended) to call him out on his shi*.

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  1. Looks like the real loser here in this story is Farah…he’s outed himself to the entire car collecting community as a gullible fool. He actually believed the line that the guy was a billionaire too…? Guffaw!


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