A handful of screenshots were posted to Civic11forum.com two hours before the official prototype debut.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since Honda unveiled the 10th gen Honda Civic, five years if you count the prototype, but the official debut of the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype is here. Honda’s official press release is linked here.

Here’s the official unveil video and a couple of official photos.

The 10th gen Civic was such an evolution and departure from the 9th gen Civic, introducing an all new Civic platform, a host of turbo engines (incl. one NA engine,) and a formula that even swayed a handful of Corolla shoppers over to the “H” brand, that this new 11th gen had big shoes to fill.

The biggest criticisms with the 10th gen Civic surrounded its polarizing design language, hard lines, fake vents, and almost being different for the sake of being different.

With this 11th gen Honda Civic, Honda has taken those concerns to heart, put their best designers to work on a mainstay of their lineup, and come up with a truly evolutionary design language befitting of the Civic in times when sedans aren’t on many people’s radars.

Up front, Honda has smoothed out the looks of the Civic, taking design cues from its bigger brother, the Accord. It’s a mixture of strength and refinement that carries from its side profile to the rear taillights.

Speaking of, Honda veered away from the crab claw-looking taillights of the 10th gen Civic and come up with a softer, more premium (and dare I say, reserved) look. With regular license plates, from behind, I fear this Civic will be lost in the crowd. It is, admittedly, an improvement though.

And fake vents, front and back, there are none.

How this design language translates to the hatch has yet to be seen, but the softer lines will bode well for the five-door hatch and presumably the Type R.

A peek inside the interior we see Honda has cleaned things up a bit, cleaner lines all around, taking styling cues from the Honda-e? That’s my guess.

According to Honda,

The instrument panel is free of visual clutter, minimizing cut lines and breaks to give drivers a clean and clear view of the road ahead, with the door top and dash line blending harmoniously. Stretching the width of the dash is a honeycomb mesh accent, which serves not only as a design element, but also conceals the visually busy air vents.

The real story will be what they stuff underneath the hood.

Will this be the end of the K-series engine in the Civic? The K20 is the base engine for the 10th gen Civic. Or will it be all turbos across the board?

Keep this page bookmarked as I’ll update this post with videos and photos from the official unveil.


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