Behind the success and fame, this Platinum singer’s first humble ride was his literal wheels to stardom

It’s not everyday I get a chance to blog about singer Jesse McCartney (whom I’m a big fan of) so color me surprised when McCartney shared a heart-warming story of (presumably) his first car, a 1986 Ford Taurus, and how that sedan played a crucial role getting him to auditions and gigs in the Los Angeles area. The Taurus’s sound system also blasted music from one of his idols, Robin Thicke, a plot point, according to his post, that has now come full circle. Thike and McCartney recently collaborated on an episode of Fox’s “I Can See Your Voice.”

Check out his motivational throwback below.

If you didn’t already know, 1986 was the first year of the Ford Taurus sedan. An 80s Ford Taurus is such sign of its times that the base engine, which McCartney’s sedan probably had under the hood, was a 2.5L four-cylinder with a whopping 88 HP and 130 lb-ft paired to a three-speed automatic.

With a leaking cooling system, keeping a healthy supply of water in the radiator is a temporary way to keep the engine running cool, especially important if you’re, like McCartney recounts, sitting in notoriously bad L.A. traffic.

McCartney’s come a long way from that Ford. Coincidentally enough, I blogged about one of McCartney’s newer ride a couple of years ago, a new Tesla Model S. I’m going to guess he still mobs around L.A. in that. With an all-electric powertrain, this Tesla won’t overheat, at least not like his old Ford did.

More recently, McCartney took an in-car selfie in his 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air classic ride, a car one commenter astutely pointed out was featured on McCartney MTV Diary series.

If I ever get to meet McCartney in real life, after an obligatory selfie, I’d honestly ask him what he did with that Ford Taurus and if it’s still limping along somewhere.

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