The owner, key fob in his pocket, was standing inside the store just feet away.

Have you seen this suspect pictured in our featured image and posted below? Round Rock residents Celinda and Jerry Holliday shared the unbelievable CCTV footage of their Kia Stinger, parked at a Round Rock Chevron, being carjacked by a 13-year-old teenage boy as his friends watched in a getaway car at the pump on the opposite side of Holliday’s Kia.

Check out the CCTV video for yourself below, including their side of the story shared on Facebook.

In the security footage we can see Holliday’s Kia Stinger parked, still running, as the owner, Jerry, is in the store, presumably paying for whatever he came into buy. Like a lot of new cars with push-button start enabled with proximity sensors, you don’t need to have your keys in the car to keep it running or even start it. In hindsight, Jerry shouldn’t have kept his car running while he walked away since anyone still drive it away (you just can’t restart it.)

In less than thirty seconds we can see this 13-year-old kid scope out the situation, assess that the owner’s not coming out soon, seizes the moment, and hops in the driver’s seat before speeding off.

His friends in a Toyota Camry follow, making a quick getaway.

Thankfully, as mentioned in the post above, the Chevron Station attendant hops in his truck and, with Jerry riding shotgun, gives chase, eventually cornering the Kia in.

Although they get the kid out of the car and make a citizen’s arrest, his friends arrive and threaten to kill them if they don’t let him go, which they eventually do.

Take this story as a cautionary tale, don’t leave your car running if you’re walking away from it for any amount of time.

Here’s the Chevron in question.

Police are aware of the situation but, as of this writing, have not apprehended a suspect. But, with a clear shot of his face, it’s only a matter of time and that’s where you come in.

If you have an inkling where this kid is or who might know him, please call the local Round Rock police at (512) 218-5500. And let them know this is regarding the stolen car case at the Lindell Chevron off I-35.


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