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13-year-old carjacks $30,000 Kia Stinger parked at Round Rock Chevron

The owner, key fob in his pocket, was standing inside the store just feet away. Have you seen...
KIA Stinger

KIA could sell more Stingers but American dealerships are screwing it up

The Kia Stinger has been on sale for a few months now but it looks like a couple of American Kia dealerships are screwing...
Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger Turbo V6 makes a healthy 313 HP on this one particular dyno

Sure, KIA says the Stinger GT makes 365 HP and 376 lb-ft at the crank, but you better believe we can't wait till someone...
KIA Stinger

Rumor: KIA Stinger Will Cost Less Than $27,000

The latest rumor-mill has priced the BMW 3-series fighter from KIA, the Stinger, to be around $27,000 for the base price model. When the KIA...