Toyota’s reputation is built on their legendary reliability, and they know their owners are proud of that.

Go to any Cars and Coffee and you’ll come across a Volvo or Mercedes with official high-mileage badges for every 100,000 miles, ticking off mileage milestones as proof of their car’s reliability. But did you know you can get something similar for free from Toyota?

If you own a Toyota that’s amassed at least 100,000 miles, you can e-mail Toyota at, inform them you’d like “mileage window cling” and they’ll send you these nifty decals you can place anywhere.

If you’re on Twitter, you can @Toyota with a photo of your odometer, (or not) and someone from their social media team will reach out to you.

Check out a handful of examples of what I mean below.

Why are Toyotas so reliable, anyway?

A thorough explanation why Toyotas are so reliable comes courtesy of a Toyota employee who popped up on Reddit to explain Toyota’s legendary reliability. According to 555_till_666,

“Toyota is very conservative in implementing new tech. Their R&D has pretty advance tech, but for production, everything is validated (probably) twice as much compared to other carmakers, thus by the time it’s green lit for mass production, it’s old tech.

New tech adoption is so slow and difficult, it often frustrate even Toyota employees.

Besides extensive R&D, Toyota tweaks and adjusts models depending on where that model is. A Toyota Corolla in California is very different from the same model in the United Arab Emirates.

“Toyota R&D, they have regional design houses, with the aim to “localized” parts design as much as possible, even the smallest design (engineering) details.”

Vietnam tires have tickers sidewalls, because people on Hanoi like to climb over curbs. South Africa’s absorbers are 2mm thicker, because people less likely to brake when they see a rock. Air intakes for tropical countries are placed 15mm higher, because there have more floods. Tiny changes which are easily managed at parts manufacturing level, but have significant impact in reducing failure rate.

While horsepower numbers, Nurburgring times, and 0-60 MPH blasts might be impressive, what’s more impressive is how a car company can bake in reliability from the get-go.

If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you know has a Toyota over 100,000 miles. Let them know about these free decals, maybe clue them in why Toyotas are so reliable and, if you’re considering a car for the long haul, you know what brand to consider.

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  1. hello,, I would like the “Mileage Window Cling” for my 81 Toyota pickup.. it ia at 393605 on the 22RE
    thank you
    Steve Tonti

  2. I have a 2008 Toyota Tacoma with over 438,000 miles on it , could you send me 400 and 500,000 mileage window clings.


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