White’s tweet racked up over 21 million views in a week.

Comedian Dan White, who goes by @AtDanWhite on the bird app, just won same major corporate wholesome points for Toyota when his tweet allegedly showing one of their customer service rep’s wishing White the best before he started his new job went Twitter viral.

Since his tweet on the 19th, White’s tweet’s been viewed over 21.9M times with close to 750,000 likes, 70,000 retweets, and 3700 quote tweets.

You need a big budget to get this kind of positive engagement.

Here’s White’s tweet that brought Toyota closer to our heart’s below.

And, it doesn’t stop there, White even replied that Toyota Venmo’d him $25, “Just Because.”

How sweet of them!

But, honestly, did a Toyota rep really wish White all the best before his big day?

Well, no, probably not.

If you’re not familiar with @AtDanWhite on Twitter, this is sort of his thing, making up scenarios for the lols.

Here’s one about an Airbnb.

Here’s an uncomfortable one about his son’s search history.

White later tweets that he DM’d Toyota asking for a sticker in exchange for his $140,000 worth of free advertising. But, after this shallow dive into “Are @AtDanWhite’s tweets actually real?” I don’t even know if that tweet is real.

One thing’s true, Toyota will give you free high mileage window cling decals if you own a Toyota that’s surpassed at least 100,000 miles and tweet at them, asking nicely.

But, yeah, while Toyota is already a wholesome car company that makes the world’s most reliable and affordable cars and they didn’t DM white, wishing him the best before he started his new job.


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