If this Jeep driver waited half a second, he would’ve avoided an insurance headache.

Reddit user /u/anonymouslybusy submitted a dashcam footage video to the /r/IdiotsinCars subreddit showing a Jeep driver in Shrewsbury, New Jersey squeezing his way between the last two cars in a left turn lane, causing an avoidable accident in the process.

OP maintains that this is not his video and says he, “had the video saved after being shared with a group,” so, we’ll have to take his word for it.

Regardless, it’s a self-report worth a couple of words.

Check out the video for yourself below.

The accident occurred on Shrewsbury Ave. near the intersection of Shrewsbury and Newman Springs Rd (location on Google Maps linked here.)

We see our Jeep driver exiting Evolve Training and Fitness (which is permanently closed now btw) stopping to make a left-hand turn against traffic to get into the left turn lane.

The Jeep driver chooses to squeeze between the last two cars, a blue Hyundai and blue Nissan.

As many in the Reddit comments already point out, he could’ve waited for both cars to drive by, a matter of a fraction of a second, instead of attempting a squeeze.

The Nissan driver speeds forward with the intention not to let the Jeep driver cut in front of her, and yet our Jeep driver barrels on through, forcing his way behind the Hyundai.

The Nissan driver, with the right of way, speeds forward to maintain her place behind the Hyundai while the Jeep driver drives forward, causing a collision between the two.

The Nissan driver hops out to yell at the Jeep driver.

“Don’t worry, it’s all on camera,” the Jeep driver mouths back. “Don’t worry, it’s all on camera.”

The comments were clearly siding with the justifiably upset Nissan driver.

“There was no one behind her, but you felt you needed to hop on in line? Dips***,” /u/SoCheezy32 comments.

“It blows my mind that there were no cars behind her and he insisted on forcing his way in, instead of waiting,”PsykoKittie replies. “What a giant, overly confident ***hat.

“OP definitely did not have right of way,” /u/TragicallyHungover simply points out.

Although there’s nothing against the rules of the road to decide to squeeze between the absolute last two cars in a lane, when one car signals by driving forward they’re not letting you in, you can’t barge into their right of way by brute force.

Seeing how it’s the Jeep driver who decided to upload his side of the story, even though it might not be OP’s footage, it goes to show just how warped a driver’s sense of the rules of the road can be.

Hopefully the Nissan driver’s insurance got to see the Jeep driver’s dashcam footage as, contrary to what the Jeep driver might think, it will work in her favor.


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