“(She) tried to cut me off and instantly regretted it.”

Redditor /r/Ahamkaras initially posted dashcam footage on Twitter from Aurora, CO showing a car attempting a dangerous overtaking maneuver on a left turn, resulting in that car losing control, crashing into a tree and totaling their car.

The short, eight second clip was essentially downloaded/stolen by another Redditor and re-uploaded to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit.

Check out that unbelievable bit of footage below.

In the Reddit thread above, OP describes how, after dropping off her little brother at school, the offending driver seen in the video started honking and giving the middle finger to her to get her to speed up on her way back home.

Here’s what /u/Ahamkaras says verbatim,

For what it’s worth, OP says she was driving a 2021 Honda Accord Sport EX.

As others pointed out in the comments, the other driver does not appear to hit the brakes, at all. Once she started her overtaking maneuver, she went all in, full send (all gas/no brakes.)

It clearly didn’t end well for her.

As mentioned, OP stayed around as emergency services and police eventually showed up to assess the situation.

It appears the other driver made it out of her car relatively uninjured.

“It was a girl, and she was mad when I saw her get into the ambulance – unassisted, might I add,” she replied.

Keen eyes will notice a bunny run in front of her Accord before the footage cuts off, to which OP assures us that forest creature is OK.

“When I went back outside to talk to the cops after parking, I made sure (the bunny was OK.) No bunny guts.”

If you need another reminder to take it easy when driving, no matter how crunched for time you are, here you go.

It’s ironic because OP comments she was literally a block away from home at that point.

If the other driver just waited a bit longer, like a normal, sane person, she wouldn’t be in the mess she is in today.

Then again, knowing that no one else was injured, the lesson (aka learning to not road rage the hard way,) has more worth to her in the long run.


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