…not to mention tinnitus.

Fort Collins, CO-based Redditor /u/Muscles_Metal_Miata was tired of cars cutting him off, so he did what any other sane MX-5 owner would do, he mounted a Hornblasters Train Horn under his Miata’s hood.

With his dashcam running, /u/Muscles_Metal_Miata’s caught many cars taking advantage of his car’s diminutive size to aggressively cut him off but, this time, he’s got a train horn to deploy.

His latest dashcam video from Fort Collins was posted to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit earlier yesterday (Jan 15, 2023) and it’s got the subreddit divided who, exactly, the idiot is.

Check out his submission below.

This incident happened near the 1000 block of W. Elizabeth St just past the Hawk Beacon and one block away from Colorado State University (exact place on Google Maps linked here.)

The speed limit on this street is 30 MPH.

As the video shows, we see our train horn-equipped Miata driving in the left lane.

In the right lane is a Honda HR-V about 1.5 car lengths ahead of him, just enough room for a car, like a fast approaching Nissan Xterra, to change lane or, as he sees it, to cut him off.

And, traveling at 5 MPH below the speed limit, that’s exactly what the Xterra does.

In the Miata’s defense, the Xterra driver does pull a simultaneous lane change/signal which, typically, you’re supposed to wait a couple beats after signaling to start your lane change.

We then see our Miata driver lay on his Hornblasters train horn, emptying his air tank in the process.

The Xterra driver gets scared and accelerates off. I’m sure the Honda HR-V driver got scared too.

We can also see a lone, poor cyclist surprised at the sudden 115 decibel ear assault they had to suffer.

Typically, it’s the people who are on camera that are the “idiots in cars” but, in this case, the comments are heavily leaning to one way.

“This guy’s whole m/o is to ride in people’s blind spots or cut them off when trying to pass so he can get more train horn videos for the internet. Definitely idiot in car,” /u/_yetisis comments.

“Judging by your post history, you are purposefully putting yourself in these unsafe situations. All so you can use your new big boy horn. Get outta here,” /u/jjclarko adds.

“OP, you’re going to get crushed in your car doing this s***. And that poor cyclist did NOT deserve this. Nor does anyone else in the vicinity. You’re being a real P** and you need to change your ways,” /u/Hex_Agon typed.

While these cars are technically cutting him off, I can see where these other Redditors are coming from.

Is it overkill? Probably

Are the videos, on some level, entertaining? I can’t say they aren’t.

One thing’s for sure, he probably should deploy his train horn more judiciously.

Do you think this Miata’s owner’s going a little too far? Not enough?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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