The impact was so hard his side curtain airbags went off.

Towards the end of the year, car clubs like to throw meets under the guise of a Toy Drive just as an excuse to hang out. This 3rd Annual Toy drive held at a business park in the heart of Silicon Valley was no different. According to video circulating on the internet, a stanced out F80 BMW M3 decided to take advantage of little traffic, a wide intersection, and a captive audience by drifting his euro-barge. Unfortunately, he swung a little too wide, a concrete curb ending what would’ve been an epic drift exit.

Check out the video below.

and here’s the flyer to the meet.

As you can see from the video with a car meet in the middle of San Jose, you’re going to attract high-dollar builds like that McLaren and GT-R. The whole four-hour meet owners are just parked, shooting the sh**, and frankly, towards the end, getting a little antsy to go out and drive.

Spectators know this and, as the first cars make their way out, they line the sidewalks waiting for two things, a sick burnout and a crash. It’s the honest truth.

While there weren’t, as far as I know, burnouts, there was one BMW owner who delivered on the latter, this crash. Here are several photos submitted anonymously to me showing the extent of the damage.

It’s pretty bad. After a thorough checkup to assess the health of the frame, several suspension pieces, new wheels, airbags, and electronics will have to be sourced and repaired. This is several thousand in damage.

This isn’t as bad as that one BMW M4 owner who jumped a curb going in a straight line, but it sort of is.

This BMW M3 owner had zero traffic to deal with and had plenty of space.

Thankfully, no one was hurt or seriously injured and I’m sure this BMW owner won’t show his face at a local meet for a couple of months, at least.

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