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There are some crashes so unbelievable, circumstances that sound too absurd that I’m glad dash cams are a thing. A dash cam vid uploaded yesterday (Dec. 6,2020) to Reddit from Watts (a neighborhood in South LA) shows the harebrained moment a BMW driver, distracted by her cellphone, veers out of her lane and slams head-on into the dash cam owner’s car. Both she and her passenger, without seatbelts, slams headfirst into the windshield. A screenshot of them contacting laminated glass, while unfortunate, is the official poster for why you should always buckle up.

Check out the video below including the hilarious screenshot.

Wait to the end from r/IdiotsInCars

This is a four-way stop in the middle of Watts where Century Blvd. and Success Ave Meet. Here’s where it is on Maps below.

To add insult to injury, her passenger riding shotgun can clearly be seen holding a balloon. Not floating on a string, we can only presume she’s huffing NOS. I say presume because one clever Redditor pointed this bit of science in real life.

According to Redditor Ionixu22,

“You can tell it’s a dense gas like NOS by how fast the ballon flies to the front of the car. A light gas like helium would fly to the back of a car during a head on crash. A neutral density balloon you’ve blown up with exhaled air would stay pretty much where it started, but a heavy gas (NOS is x1.5 denser than air) would fly forward.”

A photo taken by the dashcam owner shortly after shows both the BMW driver and passenger could at least walk out of their car to assess the damage. Guesstimating, traveling at 30 MPH, I’m fairly certain both have mild concussions they hopefully had checked out by medical professionals.

distracted BMW driver in Watts Los Angeles inspects damaage
distracted BMW driver in Watts Los Angeles inspects damaage

Distracted driving is a nasty habit everyone should nip at the bud. It can be tough, so getting your friends and family to keep you accountable can help. If anything, there are apps that can keep you in check. And, if all else fails, shut your phone off.

No seatbelts? Come on, guys. That’s a no brainer.

As for huffing NOS, that is clearly a red flag if you’re partaking in that type of leisure activity in the middle of the day riding shotgun. Passengers have the unwritten rule to keep an eye out, to supplement their drivers.

These two, they were doing it all wrong. Buckle up, stay alert, don’t huff NOS, and maybe choose better friends?

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