If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A vehicle trade-in that beats that one poor girl who traded in her WRX STI for a Hyundai Veloster is going viral for how unreasonable, at face value, it sounds. According to Hurst Autoplex and their social media post earlier yesterday (Dec. 7,2020) a Fort Worth resident named Tommy drove in his 2020 C8, inked up a deal, and drove away in a 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander. That’s right, allegedly this man had a reason to give up his mid-engined LT1 for something with twice the seats but half the power.

There posts have since been deleted but we’ve saved screenshots.

Today, they listed the C8 on Facebook for $96, 991 around 11 AM and updated the listing, saying it sold 90 minutes later.

If that wasn’t outlandish enough, Hurst uploaded a video of its new owner “taking ownership.” Riiiiiight.

Me, being skeptical and with unlimited nationwide calling, dialed 817-595-7332 (their number) at around 1 PM and talked with a salesperson. Although this salesperson could neither confirm nor deny the trade-in because of salesperson-owner confidentiality, he mentioned, “The C8’s still here.”

If it sold, then why is it “still here.” Sounds a lot like one of those marketing stunts to drum up a bit of attention, and it worked.

As of this writing, that absurd post’s been shared 10,000 times with over 5,000 comments. I’ve seen it pop up on several Facebook car groups.

I think someone’s just having a little fun.

Then again, it’s not entirely unreasonable. I learned of a C8 owner who had to sell their Corvette after 6 miles of driving because his employees came first and had to make payroll. S**t happens.

With a hefty trade-in value it’s within the realm of possibility this Tommy really couldn’t afford payments on his C8, let Autoplex take care of the rest of his loan, and either financed a smaller loan on this Outlander or drove it off the lot, no payments necessary as the resale value would take care of his new Mitsubishi and still have some “meat” left on the bones for Autoplex.

The simplest explanation is Facebook marketing stunt.

And, since the internet remains undefeated, these dank memes left as replies are the cherry on top.

Texas man trades in C8 Corvette for Mitsubishi Outlander
Texas man trades in C8 Corvette for Mitsubishi Outlander
Texas man trades in C8 Corvette for Mitsubishi Outlander
Texas man trades in C8 Corvette for Mitsubishi Outlander
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