Winning a car is cool, but a headache for most.

You’d think winning a new 2020 Toyota Supra with a widebody aerokit from Pandem and air ride suspension would change your life, but the winner of this Supra wanted nothing to do with it. According to some keen eyes scouring the internet for Supras, it looks like the winner of Dream Car Giveaway #34 by 80Eighty immediately sold his Supra shortly after taking ownership.

Here’s a link to the dealership listing and a screenshot of the ad because, sooner or later, someone’s going to buy it.

Widebody Pandem Supra Tampa Toyota
Widebody Pandem Supra Tampa Toyota

This Supra is fully loaded with an expensive and uncommon Pandem Widebody Kit V 1.5, custom paint, forged staggered wheels, air ride, and a laundry list of modifications (mostly bolt-ons) too long to list off. Click here to read all about this one-off Supra.

Although this Supra is currently listed at $90,000, according to a comment in 80Eighty’s Instagram post, this Toyota dealership had it listed as high as $134,000 with no biters.

Here’s the thing, as long as there are car giveaways, selling the prize cars as soon as possible is always a smart move, no matter how cool the car is.

If this Supra owner kept this Supra, he must pay prize taxes based on the value of the vehicle. Considering how the actual cash value is $80,000 ($50,000 worth of Supra + $30,000 Cash,) since he lives in Florida, the IRS immediately takes its 25 percent cut of $20,000.

Sure, you’re left with a Supra and $10,000 cash, but now you have to register, insure, and maintain this sports car, a financial burden for some.

More than likely this Tampa Toyota dealership swooped this Supra up for maybe $40,000 leaving this Supra Giveaway winner with a healthy chunk of change he can use however he pleases.

If you can afford a new Supra, go for it. Otherwise, selling it ASAP is the move.

And seeing how long this Supra’s been sitting on the dealership lot, I feel like this Toyota dealership bought themselves a headache. It’s common knowledge modified cars LOWER the value compared to stock ones. This Toyota dealership should just cut its losses, sell it quick, and live to sell Supras another day.


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