Everyone and their mama knows this guy is a drunk driver but after doing this, he might’ve saved his own a**.

Edmonton commuter James Maxan’s video from 2018 recently made its way to Reddit, and it’s sparked a serious debate how police handle DUIs during this situation. According to Maxan’s video, he was driving his Ford Fusion on Edmonton’s Yellowhead Trail highway when he was hit from behind by a Volvo SUV. That wasn’t even the surprising bit as when he stepped out of his Fusion to assess the damage he saw the offending driver sipping on a Corona as he stumbled about. Maxan quickly whipped out of his phone and started filming.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Not only drinking and driving, but also drinking after rear ending someone from r/IdiotsInCars

And, here’s where it all went down on Maps.

Not only drinking and driving, but also drinking after rear ending someone from r/IdiotsInCars

It looks like the offending driver, although being filmed, is adamant to get it documented he’s chugging part of a 12-pack before police arrive. Maxan, unaware of the trick he’s using, think’s this is an open and shut case for the courts as clearly he’s victim of a DUI. Or is he?

The top comment from Reddit user lilbenxoxo reads,

“I got a DUI a few years ago, shady lawyer told me in the future to keep a bottle in the trunk. If I ever crash or accident. Get out and start chugging. Fortunately, I learned my lesson and don’t do that s*** anymore. I saw this video, and that was the first thing to pop in my mind.

What a truly sh***y pro life tip, but if you think it through, arriving police cannot determine when you started drinking, seeing someone with a bottle in hand. It’s in the realm of possibility this person honestly started drinking to take the edge off after the fact but, we all know that’s a lie.

Redditor CampMC comments how,

I have an uncle who basically did the same thing when he was young, He totaled his car while drunk into a cemetery fence very close to his home. He ran home, grabbed 4 beer and sat out front drinking them till the police got there. This was probably 40 years ago though, but I don’t see how even today they could do much more to prove if you were drunk before hand. Although drinking in the road is kind of another situation.

Unfortunately, the burden of proof (no pun intended) is on the state’s court system to prove you were operating the vehicle at the time of intoxication with concrete evidence you had alcohol in your system.

Pulling this stunt, it’s easier to fight a drinking in public charge than a drink and drive.

Keep in mind this situation does not carry over to being a charged for a DUI with no accident while you stand drunk outside of your car, keys on your person, ready to drive. With intent to drive, that’s more than enough to get slapped with a DUI.

You might think I’m full of s*** with this defense but you’d be surprised. Back in 2018, an L.A. prosecutor rear-ended a Radio DJ and started chugging Vodka until the police arrived. Ya, it’s a thing.


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