Once this Camaro got a little lift, it was time for takeoff.

A Street Outlaw Camaro owner and its driver are counting their lucky stars earlier today (Dec. 10,2020.) According to videos circulating social media, during the No Guts No Glory 8 grudge matches at Orlando Speedway, the Outlaw Camaro, known in the drag racing community as Tainted Blood, lined up against a Mustang, won the hole shot, but towards the end of the track caught some air and took flight.

Check out the unbelievable video for yourself below.

Here’s the event flyer. This event, as the flyer shows, started yesterday and runs all the way through Sunday. It’s Florida so, need I say more?

And here’s what his Camaro looked like when it was newly finished sometime in May.

According to Drag Coverage’s post, they set these drag cars up to run in the Carolina N/T Small Tire racing series. You can see the series list of rules on their builds here. Using Small block Chevrolet engines, one single turbo close to 100 MM in size, and nitrous oxide, these street outlaw cars are putting out close to 2,000 HP (or more) at full flight.

With that much power and aero limited by class rules, if you don’t have your setup dialed in just right, a little lift, like this video shows, can spell disaster for your run. And, even if everything seems perfect, track conditions, lane anomalies, and a dozen other factors can throw off your run, an accidental mix of push and lift.

Although it’s not clear in the video, supposedly this Camaro somehow landed on all four wheels, suffering extensive damage. As one commenter put it, “he drove that thang out.” Michael Bokyen, the man behind the wheel, is reportedly OK, a minor miracle considering how much force he was carrying when he launched.

Although there is probably hundreds of thousands in damage, this Camaro will probably be rebuilt sooner rather than later.


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