Technically, this Toyota Supra was only halfway out of the showroom floor

Imagine you’re minutes away from signing on paperwork for your shiny new $60,000 Toyota Supra only to see it driven off the showroom floor by a total buffoon straight into an aluminum bench. That’s exactly what new Supra owner Wade “Patrick” Brooks witnessed earlier this weekend as he watched his new pride-and-joy being driven out of Chula Vista Toyota for the first time, literal moments before taking ownership. With his smartphone whipped out to catch the momentous occasion, while he expected to film something routine, it turned out to be anything but.

Check out his post on Instagram here and we’ve conveniently stitched together the vids for your viewing ease here. Other car blogs, feel free to embed their social media post linked above.

According to Brooks in his Instagram comments, he signed nothing at this point of the video. The Supra was technically still the dealer’s and, with this latest mishap on video, gave him that much more ammo to negotiate a better deal.

Chula Vista Toyota offered $1,000 or an opportunity to make it right and fix it. Brooks doesn’t say what he chose, but he hints he’s letting the dealership fix it.

By the looks of the dent it’s purely cosmetic, although admittedly a major eye-sore. More than likely this Chula Vista dealership will source a new bumper A.S.A.P., schedule Brooks in for an appointment, and swap in a new one, no problem.

Here’s a quick photoshoot of the Supra taken by the owner shortly after the mishap.

Driving on and off the showroom floor is a task not to be taken lightly. If there are any salespeople or car porters watching, let this be a cautionary tale to clear your driving path of any obstacles before getting into the driver’s seat.

This story hits close to home because yours truly infamously damaged a bumper on a first gen Ford Taurus on my first car porter run ever working at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership. Thankfully, the customer was A-OK with it, my employer doing the right thing and swapping a used one sourced from Ford’s parts bin before returning it.

But this is on another tier of car entirely. This will most likely be docked from the salesperson’s pay and he’ll never live it down.


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