While this video journalist presented what he saw, there is, of course, the complete story included below.

Video journalist and reporter Austin Dave shared the intense moments Santa Clarita police officers detained a handful of suspects driving and riding in a newer model Chevrolet Camaro that came up stolen earlier yesterday (Dec. 24,2020.) The felony traffic stop wouldn’t have been so heated except the driver of the alleged stolen Camaro was stopped right outside where he lived with his Mom and sister witness to the police activity unfolding before their eyes. After seeing several police cars and Santa Clarita police officers roll up on her son in the stolen vehicle with guns drawn, naturally, she exited her apartment and placed herself in the middle of the detention with dog and daughter in tow.

It was later revealed that not only was her son in the vehicle, but her husband, too. The Chevrolet Camaro was, in fact, not stolen, but was a rental they were enjoying, and was out for repo because the rental agency did not do their due diligence and keep up with payments.

Check out the confrontation between Mom and police officers below. Just in case the video below is gone, someone uploaded a mirror here.

And here’s where it all went down on Google Maps.

As Dave’s post goes through, Santa Clarita police initially weren’t in the area looking for this Camaro but were on the lookout for a more expensive Tesla in the area also reported stolen. The Camaro just happened to also be in the area, too, popping up in their system as out for repo.

According to Dave,

Before audible callouts could be made to the passenger, an older woman and the young woman exited the home and approached the car with a dog.

Their presence paused the gunpoint detention as they crossed into the line of fire. After a series of yelling, the women approached the vehicle against orders from the deputies to return to the inside of the home.

As you can hear in the video, the Mom did not have the kindest words towards the police officers.

Shortly after Santa Clarita police make their detentions, we can hear the officers on scene confront the Mom, addressing her concerns.

The Mom was having none of it.

“Look at the scene you f***ing caused! Well, fu**ing take the car. Go, Go. Get out of my f***ing face. Get the f*** out of here now. Get the f*** out of here now.”

“I don’t give a sh** about your investigation. Get the fu** with your investigation and get out of my f***ing face.”

Dave goes onto report Santa Clarita police eventually found the stolen Tesla and suspects.

As for the occupants in this Camaro, according to Dave on Twitter, the incident is still under investigation.

The unofficial truth from the other side.

In the background you can see the sister taking video as evidence. She later uploaded this video along with an explanation of what happened on Tik Tok. Although it looks like Tik Tok removed the first video, her explanation is still up. Just in case that video goes down, there’s a mirror here.


please i hope this lands in gen z hands. #acab #help #stopthehate these accusation are hurtful and landed in racist hands. pt 2 up

♬ original sound – Celeste.abby

“Yesterday afternoon, my dad, brother and his friend were arrested because cops had thought they were in a stolen vehicle. These accusations are not only false, but it uploaded them for our entire hometown to see. This “journalist” uploaded a video of the way my mother and I responded. He made us look crazy, deranged, mad, and awful.

While coincidentally making SCV Sherriffs look magnificent even though they were holding six guns to two innocent young boys and my Dad who were not driving a stolen vehicle. These comments are full of hate and racist people who do not know the full story are saying disgusting things about my entire family.

Accusing my little brother of stealing that car and slandering our family name in the hometown we grew up in, all to make these amazing cops look better.

Other comments on twitter corroborate and better explain the other side of the story.

Since this video’s been up, it’s garnered over a million views, thousands of shares, and close to 10,000 comments. It looks like the Mom’s feisty attitude is the principal subject in the comments.

The top comment from Heather Sinclair reads,

“That lady is out of control!! I would never allow my son to witness such disrespect for authorities doing their jobs. Her actions and behavior is no model behavior for her kids. She could have caused that dog to become aggressive by her stressful behavior and loud voice. Great job deputies. You handled that very well !!!”

Even popular Facebook page News Source LA put in their .02.

“Wow, Mother of the year award. Unbelievable.”

While the way she carried out herself wasn’t exactly a model of decorum, can we really blame a Mother wanting to protect her son?

And, now that we know the other side of the story, this Mom’s actions are entirely justified considering she was only trying to protect her son and husband.

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  1. She was out of control and her son was a little ‘b#$#” who according to another report was arrested on weapons charges. Do we have an update as to whether the car was stolen or not?

    • I updated the post with a Tik Tok video from the sister. The Camaro was apparently a rental, the rental agency not keeping up with payments earmarking the car for repo.

    • Her son is a little ‘b#$#’ and you’re repeating rumors from “another report” but the reality I submit that the police pointing rifles at children are the b***hes.
      The rental company didn’t want to make their payments, and that doesn’t make children criminals or other names you want to call them.
      You are a disgusting person.

      • It’s amazing that a rental car company does not make there payments!! As a result whoever they make there payments too reported the car stolen! Wow shady businesses all of them. But on one hand I do believe the police over police ok, they are trained to shoot and kill right away and that I’d a problem, but on the other hand the car was reported stolen. The family driving the car appears to be the victims actually but because of the rental car company. The bigger problem here is the way the police are trained.

    • I agree, and they could have charged her with obstruction, I really believe they would have actually arrested and charged her if she was

  2. No it’s not a woman’s place to defend her son and husband. As you can see her emotions did get the best of her. Let the men handle the situation calmly. No need for a barking poodle to escalate and cause chaos.

  3. You miss one crucial part of the story. The car my have had been marked for repossession but that wouldn’t show up in any system police have. As a dispatcher, I can tell you the only way a rental car comes up in the system is if the legal owner reports it as stolen. Why cops run the plates, they are just given a hit saying the car is stolen. They are not given details of the theft itself. So that being the case, these cops got a hit on a stolen car and have no idea the ages of those people in it. Mom was just making the situation worse for everyone by escalating it.


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