This is like “you give someone a finger and they’ll take a hand” but for cars.

Most car enthusiasts selling parts online are reasonable, ready to cut a deal for their fellow man. But every man has his breaking point, particularly with low ballers, where enough is enough.

Joe Huria, a Subaru owner parting out his WRX to the last bolt, shared his epic story of petty (but satisfying) revenge he had with a low-baller he already previously cut a deal with. When this lower baller hit him up again, not only asking him to get a rear fender at a bargain price but asked if he could use his expensive plasma cutter for free, enough was enough.

Huria agreed to the deal but not before slamming filming himself taking a hammer to it.

Check out the video here and text exchange below.

As you can read from his text exchange, Huria’s already discounted him a whole $100 on a previous sale. The low-baller, wanting to take advantage of this man’s time, tools, and kindness, throws a Hail Mary with that next request.

A handful of people in his Facebook comments were upset he didn’t handle this transaction-gone-bad a tad more civilly, politely telling him no.

Others pointed out how this is a recurring theme making private deals and, when you’ve dealt with enough low ballers before, you reach the proverbial breaking point.

The general consensus is, my opinion included, that this is slightly petty but overall satisfying.

It’s noteworthy to point out how dangerous plasma cutting can be. While this buyer probably could’ve cut his own fender, the risks of someone getting hurt far outweigh the $50 for the fender. And, considering this is a new plasma cutter for Huria, potentially hurting yourself is definitely not worth the extra $20 cutting the part off for him.

Changing the culture perpetuated by low ballers starts with our individual interactions with them and, if by Huria’s actions he’s changed one low-ballers perception, that makes all the difference.

Do you think he went too far? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: Joe Huria via Facebook


  1. this is dumb as f**k. the guy was gonna pay $50 and offered $20 on top to use the guy’s tools. what a moron, wrecking his own s**t he was about to sell.

    • Do you know how much people charge for a plasma cut? No? Good. Than you dont get to make stupid comments. He was just paying $20 for everything. So yeah this is the right thing to do.

      • good on him.. the cheek of the guy low balling the agreed price from $50 to $20; I bet not getting $20 and feeling satisfied at teaching the jerk a lesson was worth it.

  2. I bought many parts from the junkyard, especially for cars out of production and new parts are NLA. They don’t fool around with removing 10+ bolts when a plasma cutter can remove the part in 30seconds. Prices were very reasonable, 50 for a quarter panel they cut out would be within reason if you were on good terms. That being said the buyer offering 20 is below reasonable but you never know if he was short on cash. For anyone curious a quarter weighs around 25lb and is around $2 in scrap metal.


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