Just because you have a boring car doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Some hero took his otherwise boring Toyota Camry on a lap of the famed German Nurburgring during a Touristenfarten session and was caught on camera taking a corner a little too fast for the damp conditions. Check out the video below.

The video, clipped courtesy of EMS Nordschleife TV, was filmed earlier last year in December. We’re only getting around to sharing it with you today since it’s New Year’s and we need a metaphor for how we should attack 2021.

As mentioned, anyone with 25 Euros, (or about $30) can take their car onto the ‘Ring, provided there are no leaks and everything mechanical is up to snuff.

This particular corner was tricky for all cars entering at speed since, once the rear wheels lose traction after weight transfers to the front, pretty much most cars rotated out of control.

Thankfully, this Camry rotated around its center and recovered as quickly as he spun out.

And if you’re wondering, yes, this generation of widebody XV20, along with the previous generation XV10 Toyota Camry, was sold in some European markets. Only sold in sedan form, just like the USDM market, Europeans had their choice of 2.2L four cylinder or 3.0L V6 in both manual and automatic. These European Camrys were not made in the United States but were instead imported from Japan.

If you’re like me and one day fantasize about “having a go” on the ‘Ring, learning about how to drive in the rain is a must given how rain falls year round in the part of Europe, especially in the high Summer months when vacationing is at its highest.

Definitely have a read on this blog which states that you should, “focus on being smooth” and “not try to fight the car too much.” And, if you have a copy of Gran Turismo, familiarizing yourself with the track is a good idea.

May we attack 2021 and take risks just as bravely as this Camry entered a damp Nurburgring corner.


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