Just 117 Coda EVs were delivered as of 2013, but how many remain on the road today?

Chances are you’ve never heard of the Coda EV, and for good reason. Made for one year between 2012-2013 there are literally dozens, 117 to be exact, ever delivered, so spotting one in the wild is always occasion for some words.

According to friend of the blog and car spotter extraordinaire @CarSpotting.la on Instagram earlier yesterday (Dec. 31,2020) while he was riding through a Los Angeles parking lot, he spotted a beleaguered White Coda EV parked in front of a CVS with all its original paint and bodywork still attached.

Check out a screenshot and a quick video below.

Coda EV spotted in Los Angeles
Coda EV spotted in Los Angeles

The Coda EV looks unlike any car you’ve seen before, and that’s because it’s a re-bodied Chinese EV, a Pininfarina-designed Hafei Saibao. With a 100 kW electric motor and a 31 kWh lithium Ion battery, the Coda EV only had an 88 mile range, good enough for Southern California where most of these Codas where sold.

This particular Coda EV is a downright survivor with the original, albeit painted, wheels, and some dark tint all around. But it’s no surprise that this one’s still puttering around because, after all, EVs are low maintenance and quite durable.

This rare EV’s have been spotted in the wild many times before. Los Angeles-based Doug Demuro spotted one on the freeway back in October.

Someone even replied seeing a pristine looking one parked in Ohio State.

Another replier spotted one in San Francisco. So, they’re still out there puttering around.

Although Coda EV fell by the wayside in 2013, Brea-based Mullen Technology Company apparently bought up the remaining Codas, range slightly improved to 125 miles, and re-badged them accordingly.

As of this writing, Codacars.com is still up, their domain expiring in August 2021. Mullen EVs are still around so there’s a good chance if you really wanted a Coda EV (excuse me, Mullen EV) they might have one in stock for you.


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