“There’s like 20 people (waiting) out here”

A particularly frustrating and nerve-wracking video filmed earlier last month (Dec 13, 2020) is floating around social media and a few other blogs showing a Stering, Virginia resident exiting his car and actively confronting an Amazon delivery driver after his parked van and a long line of waiting cars behind him prevent anyone from getting on with their day.

Check out the video below. There’s also a mirror here just in case the video below goes down.

Filmed in the middle of a busy delivery day before the holidays, Amazon drivers typically have over 200 stops to make so you’d think this Amazon driver would hustle to deliver his packages. Such was not the case.

Presumably, this irate nearby resident already was waiting for more than a few minutes when he took matters into his own hands.

The video starts with him threatening the Amazon Delivery driver.

Irate resident:“I said move the truck or I’ll move it for you.”

Delivery Driver: “I’m not moving nothing. I’m ready to drop these packages and you’re ready to wait, bro. I just parked the truck not to long ago.

DD: “There are ******* 10 cars waiting. Move your ****** ******* truck.”

IR:”Ya, you can **** *** too. Alright, I’m going to move it for you.

At one point, the irate resident threatens to move his van for him.

DD: “If you get in my ******* truck, I’m going to spaz on you bro.”

IR:“You’re going to spaz on me? You’re going to spaz on me? Why don’t you spaz on the steering wheel?”

He even points out a parking spot to pull into a few feet away.

IR:”There’s a parking spot right there and you’re in the middle of the *** **** street.”

And, when the driver was threatened with no job in his immediate future, he responds with.

“I’m not going to get fired, I’m dropping packages. I’m not.”

Regular residential streets in presumably an older part of Virginia were not made to handle parked cars on either side, one-way traffic, AND stopped delivery vans. It’s one-lane of traffic too much.

In this new Amazon delivery economy, I think we’ve already become used to the occasional delivery driver blocking a street for a few seconds. We know how hard they work and waiting a few seconds is not particularly burdensome, especially in the suburbs.

Then again, it looks like this Amazon Driver’s overstayed his welcome and, despite a line of cars behind him, isn’t even hustling in a show of moving traffic along for the greater good.

He, as pointed out by the shout-y man, could’ve pulled into a nearby parking spot but, with an ever-growing chip on his shoulder, giving into demands was definitely out of the question.

This video made its way to Reddit before it was deleted and an Amazon driver with screen name Blockhead997 had this to say.

“Amazon driver here. I drive one of the bigger UPS style vans. I block streets sometimes. But When I do I triple check no ones inconvenienced by it and I literally sprint to and from the door. This dude should be fired because he was slow as ****.”

The shout-y man could’ve taken a polite approach, but do you honestly think the delivery driver would become apologetic and kick it up a notch? I don’t think so.

According to CareerBuilder.com, they’re only getting $16.25 an hour so there’s no real incentive to hustle.

I reached out to Amazon for an update and have yet to hear from them. Bookmark this page because I’ll definitely want some sort of update, even if that means multiple e-mails or calling their delivery center.


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