He bought a decommissioned police car and made it his own

If you find yourself in San Jose and see the familiar front end of a Ford Crown Vic in your rear view, it might actually be police but there’s also a good chance it’s Instagram user @BioHazardeve’s combination Thot Patrol and Simp Enforcement vehicle meets Itasha car.

San Jose resident @KillKimChi got the shock of her life when BHE’s Crown Victoria drove past her in the other lane. Only when she saw the decals, “Thot Patrol” and “Simp Enforcement” did she breathe a sigh of relief, snap a few photos, and post them on Twitter where the post took on a life of its own.

Check out a screenshot of her Tweet below (#becauseprofanity) linked here.

San Jose Thot patrol simp enforcement decommissioned police car

Four hours after tweeting, someone identified this decommissioned police car as her neighbor. Soon, replies poured in with similar sightings of this unique thot patrol vehicle.

California’s vehicle code is clear how decommissioned police cars are supposed to be modified after purchase. Basically, you must remove all light bars, logos, and, if the cop car is more than one color, at least paint the other colored panels the same color as the dominant one.

It looks like BHE has fulfilled most requirements except for that last one. Technically, he should repaint those white sections the same (if not similar) dark blue as the rest of the car.

Someone’s correctly identified the Itasha character as Kisara Tendo, the female protagonist of the anime Black Bullet.

And according to his Instagram, he’s equipped this Crown Vic with a unique front lighting package that goes beyond the reds and blues, presumably only for car meets.

Have you seen this unique patrol vehicle rolling around San Jose? Let me know in the comment below.

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