Just because Nissan is reproducing older parts doesn’t mean they’ll be doing this service forever.

JDM Parts seller and car importer Trust Kikaku shared some rather sobering news regarding Nissan’s NISMO HERITAGE program earlier today (Feb. 5,2021) NISMO HERITAGE will no longer carry BNR32 GT-R emblems and are being phased out of production…again. T.K. warned fans of this platform this might become a trend if NISMO HERITAGE no longer sees profitability re-making less popular parts no one is buying.

Check out their Instagram post below.

Nissan launched its NISMO HERITAGE program back in December 2017, first with this BNR32 Nissan GT-R. It’s hard to believe it’s already been over three years.

In that time, NH has released over 153 individual parts, the most expensive and more important parts including an entire RB26DETT Engine block, a complete wiring harness, front bumper, and new switchgear that’s hardened and brittle as the years have gone by.

Recently, the NISMO Heritage program expanded, announcing they will make R33 and R34 reproduction parts, too. With the first production model year R33 already legal in the United States and just two years away from the R34, NISMO Heritage is ramping up replacement parts, readying for the influx of orders soon to come.

Logically, NISMO Heritage can’t keep expanding its parts availability for all GT-Rs indefinitely. As mentioned, these discontinued emblems might be the first of the least popular reproduction parts to be dropped.

With the R32 already being sold and enjoyed stateside for over seven years, perhaps requests for R32 parts have slowed enough to where NISMO Heritage is now considering cutting back.

This is largely conjecture but, if you’re an R32 fan or own one and have been putting off buying reproduction parts, this is your sign to pull the trigger A.S.A.P.

Your parts might be in stock but don’t be surprised if NISMO Heritage has plans to drop them, soon.


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