Because of its experimental nature, there’s a catch.

In a move that’s sure to garner some media attention, this Nissan dealership isn’t just accepting any Cryptocurrency, they’ll gladly take your Dogecoin. According to a Facebook post earlier today (Feb 9,2021) for the next 72 hours, Daytona Nissan will accept Dogecoin up to $5,000 USD towards the down payment on any new or used vehicle in their inventory. That hard limit also carries a hefty 25 percent convenience fee or $1,250 USD at the time of conversion.

Check out their post below.

With early dogecoin investors cashing in on their newfound wealth, as a discount, this deal is only as good as when you first bought in. Earlier last month, Dogecoin was only trading for less than a cent (around .007) As of this writing, Dogecoin closed at about .07 cents per dg. Some simple math and your early investment’s now worth 10x. If you financed a new Nissan right now, you can theoretically use up to about 68,830 dg towards your down payment.

Despite what their featured photo shows, according to their new car inventory, there are no Nissan GT-Rs. There are, however, dozens of everything else in their lineup, including affordable Nissan Kicks, Sentras, Altimas, Maximas, etc.

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While $5,000 worth of Dogecoin (or $3,750 after that “fee”) might not sound like a lot, if you’re one of those that bought into dg low, it’s a discount worth taking.

In the fine print, Daytona Nissan admits Dogecoin is highly volatile. With most experts agreeing this latest price spike will soon settle to a reasonable .04 mark over several years, let’s call this Dogecoin down payment what it is, a promotion. Their dg, if not withdrawn in a timely manner, will not be worth as much, soon.

It is, however, an important promotion, a step in the right direction towards normalizing cryptocurrency making large purchases

Nissan Daytona is certainly not the first dealership to finance using cryto as several already accept the slightly more stable Bitcoin.

And back in December 2013 when bitcoin was first taking off, a Newport Lamborghini dealership gladly accepted about $63,000 worth of bitcoin towards the purchase of a Tesla Model S. If Newport Lamborghini didn’t cash in, all that bitcoin is now worth about $2.9 million.

If you’re in the Daytona, Florida area, have several thousand worth of dogecoin you’d like to unload, and are looking at a new car, now’s the time to take advantage of this deal.

As mentioned, this promotion ends Friday.

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